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Sung Si Kyung

Sung Si Kyung

  • Nombre: 성시경 / Sung Si Kyung
  • Nombre japones: ソン・シギョン
  • Apodo: Príncipe de las Baladas
  • Profesión: Actor, Cantante y Compositor
  • Fecha de nacimiento: 17-Abril-1979 (43 Años)
  • Lugar de nacimiento: Seúl, Corea del Sur
  • Estatura: 186 cm
  • Peso: 80 kg
  • Signo zodiacal: Aries
  • Tipo de sangre: A
  • Sello discográfico: Victor Entertainment (Japón)
  • Agencia:


Temas para Dramas

Temas para Películas

Programas de TV

Programas de Radio

  • FM Music City is Sung Si Kyung (MBC, 2011-)
  • Blue Night with Sung Si Kyung (MBC, 2003-2008)

Videos Musicales


  • 2013: Innisfree Soybean Essence
  • 2013: Yondangi English Application
  • 2008: LG Company The Rhapsody in Music




Álbum Información Lista de canciones
Like The Beginning - Sung Si Kyung.jpg Like The Beginning

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 처음처럼 (Like The Beginning)
  2. 포용 (Embrace)
  3. 내안의 그녀 (The Girl In My Heart)
  4. 미소천사 (Smiling Angel)
  5. 동화 (Fairytale)
  6. 축복 (Blessing)
  7. For U
  8. 헤어지던 날 (The Day Of Breaking Up)
  9. 커져버린 사랑 (Love That Grew Bigger)
  10. Show Me Your Love
  11. 그리움 (Yearning)
  12. 내가 너의 곁에 잠시 살았다는 걸 (I've Stayed By Your Side Shortly)
  13. 내게 오는 길 (The Road To Me)
Melodie D'Amour - Sung Si Kyung.jpg Melodie D'Amour

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 넌 감동이었어 (You Touched My Heart)
  2. 선인장 (Cactus)
  3. 사랑해서 슬픈 날 (Because I Love (You), Sad Day)
  4. Love Letter
  5. 우린 제법 잘 어울려요 (We Make A Good Pair)
  6. 이렇게라도 (Even If It Goes Like This)
  7. 바램 (Wish)
  8. Happy Birthday To You
  9. 좋을텐데 (Though It Would Be Nice)
  10. 첫 눈에 반하다 (Love At First Sight)
  11. 사랑이 변하나요 (Does Love Change?)
  12. 슬픔이 슬픔을 (Sadness, Oh Sadness)
  13. 어느 멋진 날 (A Beautiful Day)
  14. Sweet Dream
  15. 사랑이겠죠 (Perhaps Love)
Try to Remember - Sung Si Kyung.jpg Try To Remember

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. Try To Remember
  2. 아직 난 (I Haven’t)
  3. 아무것도 아닌 이야기 (Story With No Meaning)
  4. 그대 창가로 눈부신 아침이 (A Bright Morning Which I Stand By The Window)
  5. 머지 않아 나에게 (Soon You’ll Face Me)
  6. 저녁놀 (Sunset Clouds)
  7. 못할거야 (Can’t Do It)
  8. Lately
  9. 소박했던 행복했던 (We Were Happy)
  10. 희재
  11. 잘못 (With Park Ji Yoon) (Mistake)
  12. Back At One
  13. 아날로그 (Analogue)
  14. 고백의 날 (The Day Of Confessing Love)
  15. 마리이야기 (Mari’s Story)
Double Life; The Other Side - Sung Si Kyung.jpg Double Life; The Other Side

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. The Memory
  2. 외워 두세요 (Please Remember)
  3. 팝콘 (Popcorn)
  4. First Date
  5. 차마... (Endure...)
  6. Kiss할까요 (Shall We Kiss)
  7. 10월에 눈이 내리면 (If It Snows In October)
  8. Everyday Birthday
  9. 내가 뭐 그렇죠 (I'm Like That)
  10. 그날이후 (After The Day)
  11. 그래도... 좋아 (Still... I like)
  12. Doing Alright
  13. Forever With You
  14. 저 하늘 걸고 (Vowing To The Sky)
I Want to Dream Again - Sung Si Kyung.jpg I Want To Dream Again

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 다시 시작해도 될까요 (Can We Start Again)
  2. 잘 지내나요 (Take Care)
  3. 안녕 (Goodbye)
  4. 잊혀지는 것들에 대하여 (About The Things We Forget)
  5. 일학년 일반 (Feat. Kim Jin Pyo) (First Grade, First Class)
  6. 눈물편지 (Letter Of Tears)
  7. 바보라죠 (Like A Fool)
  8. 후회하지 말아요 (Don’t Regret)
  9. 콩깍지 (Bean Pod)
  10. 고마워 (Thank You)
  11. 어느 흐린 날의 행복 (Those Happy Moments)
  12. 당신에겐 특별한 뭔가가 있어요 (There’s Something Special About You)
  13. 쉬어요 (Rest)
  14. 두사람 (Two People)
The Ballads - Sung Si Kyung.jpg The Ballads

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 거리에서 (On The Street)
  2. 그리운 날엔 (On a Lonely Day)
  3. 사랑할 땐 몰랐던 것들 (The Things You Don't Know When You're in Love)
  4. 그 길을 걷다가 (Walking That Road)
  5. 바람, 그대 (Wind, You)
  6. 나 그리고 너야 (It's You And Me)
  7. Who Do You Love
  8. 그 이름 모른다고 (I Don't Know That Name)
  9. 비개인 날 (Clear Sky Day)
  10. 새로운 버릇 (New Habit)
  11. 굿모닝 (Good Morning)
  12. 기억을 나눔 (Sharing Memories)
  13. 살콤한 상상 (Nar. Jung Sun Hee) (Sweet Imagination)
  14. 지금의 사랑 (Feat. Ann) (Present Love)
  15. 그 자리에, 그 시간에 (That Time, That Place)
  16. 오, 사랑 (Oh, My Love)
Here In My Heart - Sung Si Kyung.jpg Here In My Heart

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 여기 내 맘속에 (Here In My Heart)
  2. 어디에도 (Anywhere)
  3. 더 아름다워져 (Comes To Be Beautiful)
  4. 안녕 나의 사랑 (Goodbye My Love)
  5. 잃어버린 것들 (Lost Things)
  6. 그대와 춤을 (A Dance With You)
  7. Baby You Are Beautiful
  8. 눈부신 고백 (Dazzling Proposal)
  9. 사랑하는 일 (To Love)
  10. 소풍 (Picnic)
  11. 당신은 참… (You Are So...)
The First - Sung Si Kyung.jpg The First

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 처음 (The First)
  2. 노래가 되어 (Become A Song)
  3. 네가 불던 날 (The Day You Blow)
  4. 난 좋아 (I Like It)
  5. 우리 참 좋았는데 (Duet With Lena Park) (We Were Good Together)
  6. 아니면서 (Even Though I Am Not)
  7. 태양계 (Solar System)
  8. 오 나의 여신님 (Oh My Goddess)
  9. Thank You
  10. 끝에 (At The End)
  11. 그대네요 (Duet With IU) (Bonus Track) (It's You)
  12. 너는 나의 봄이다 (Bonus Track) (You're My Spring)
Winter Wonderland - Sung Si Kyung.jpg Winter Wonderland

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. Winter Wonderland
  2. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  3. Baby It's Cold Outside
  4. I'll Be Home For Christmas
  5. Jingle Bells
  6. Sleigh Ride
  7. Let It Snow (Feat. Sweet Sorrow)
  8. The Christmas Song
  9. It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
  10. White Christmas
  11. 잊지 말기로 해 (Don't Forget)
4045502.jpg ㅅ (시옷)

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. And we go
  2. 방랑자
  3. 우리 한 때 사랑한 건
  4. I Love U
  5. 너를 사랑했던 시간
  6. 이음새
  7. 마음을 담아
  8. Mom and dad
  9. 널 잊는 기적은 없었다
  11. 나의 밤 나의 너
  12. 영원히
  13. 자장가
  14. 첫 겨울이니까


Single Información Lista de canciones
Goodbye One More Time - Sung Si Kyung.jpg Goodbye One More Time

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 한번 더 이별 (Goodbye One More Time)
  2. 아는 여자 (I Know A Girl)
  3. 한번 더 이별 (Goodbye One More Time) (Inst)
  4. 아는 여자 (I Know A Girl) (Inst)

Single Digital

Single Digital Información Lista de canciones
It's You - Sung Si Kyung.jpg It's You

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 그대네요 (It's You) (Duet With IU)
  2. 그대네요 (It's You) (Inst)
First Time - Sung Si Kyung.jpg First Time

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 처음 (First Time)
  2. 처음 (First Time) (Inst)
Sung-Si-Kyung-Holding-On-To-You.jpg Holding On To You

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 나의 밤 나의 너 (Holding On To You)
  2. 나의 밤 나의 너 (Holding On To You) (Inst.)
S&S S01.jpg So You & Sung Si Kyung

I Still

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 뻔한이별 (I Still)
20169039.jpg Eternally

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 영원히 (Eternally)
  2. 영원히 (Eternally) (Inst.)
20187335.jpg Yang Hee Eun & Sung Si Kyung


Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 늘 그대 (You)
  2. 늘 그대 (You) (Inst.)
20293519.jpg Sung Si Kyung & IU

First Winter

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 첫 겨울이니까 (First Winter)
  2. 첫 겨울이니까 (First Winter) (Inst.)
20322438.jpg And we go

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. And we go


Best Álbums

Best Álbum Información Lista de canciones
Sung Si Kyung - THE BEST OF SUNG SI KYUNG.jpg The Best of Sung Si Kyung

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 季節が戻ってくるように(日本語ver.)
  2. 覚えていてね
  3. 君がぼくの心に入ってきたら
  4. First Date
  5. どうしても...
  6. アンニョン
  7. またやり直そう/また始めよう
  8. ふたり
  9. 涙の手紙
  10. 君の窓辺にまぶしい朝が
  11. ポップコーン
  12. どうしてますか
  13. Forever With You
  14. I Believe
  15. [Bonus Track] 季節が戻ってくるように(韓国語ver.)

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 僕に来る道 
  2. サボテン
  3. 君は感動だった
  4. まぶしい告白
  5. さよなら僕の愛 
  6. もう一度さよなら 
  7. 僕は大丈夫 
  8. あの時、あの場所で 
  9. ならいいのに
  10. 歌になり
  11. 二人
  12. フィジェ
  13. 君に
  14. 君のすべての瞬間
  15. どうしても...
  16. あぁ僕の女神様
  17. 愛すること
  18. みちで~on the road~


Álbum Información Lista de canciones
Sung Si Kyung - DRAMA.jpg DRAMA

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. Life is ...
  2. 粉雪
  3. さよならは 言わない
  4. HOME (SUNG SI KYUNG×Cho Kyu Hyun)
  5. 君のすべての瞬間
  6. ずっと一緒さ
  7. プライマル
  8. やさしくさよなら -Japanese ver.-
  9. Everything
  10. 田園
  11. どこかで、いつか -Japanese ver.-
Sung Si Kyung - Kimi ga Iruyo (君がいるよ).jpg Kimi ga Iruyo (君がいるよ)

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. Kimi ga Iruyo (君がいるよ)
  2. Ai wa naze (愛はなぜ) Duet with Crystal Kay
  3. しぶんぎ座流星群
  4. 幸せならそばにある
  5. 鼓動は届く
  6. 思い出
  7. 追憶
  8. One more time, One more chance
  9. 영원히(永遠に)
  10. ただ青空であるように


Single Información Lista de canciones
Sung Si Kyung - Shiawase Nara Soba ni Aru (幸せならそばにある).jpg Shiawase Nara Soba ni Aru (幸せならそばにある)

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. Shiawase Nara Soba ni Aru (幸せならそばにある)
  2. Kodo Wa Todoku (鼓動は届く)
  3. Shiawase Nara Soba ni Aru (Inst.)
  4. Kodo Wa Todoku (Inst.)
Sung Si Kyung - One more time, One more chance 追憶.jpg One more time, One more chance / 追憶

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. One more time, One more chance
  2. 追憶
Sung Si Kyung - Honey (ハチミツ).jpg Honey (ハチミツ)

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. Honey (ハチミツ)


  • PSY - 동이야 (Feat. Sung Si Kyung) (2022)
  • Toy - Three people (feat Sung Si Kyung, Gong Myung, Kim Yoo Mi, Yoo Yun Suk) (2014)
  • Yoon Jong Shin - 내일 할 일 (Feat.Sung Si Kyung) (What I Should Do Tomorrow) (2013)
  • PSY - 뜨거운 안녕 (Passionate Goodbye) (feat Sung Si Kyung) (2013)
  • TOY - 딸에게 보내는 노래 (A Song For My Daughter) (Feat Sung Si Kyung) (2007)
  • Kim Jang Hoon - Couple (feat. Lee Moon Sae, Yoon Do Hyun, Sung Si Kyung, MayBee, Crown J) (2006)
  • Kim Hyung Seok - I Believe (2006)
  • hey - Coffeetalgia (feat. Sung Si Kyung) (2004)
  • Park Ji Yoon - Jarmot (feat. Sung Si Kyung) (2003)


Año Premio
  • Golden Disk Awards: Cantante Novato
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards: Mejor Nuevo Solista Masculino
  • Seoul Music Awards: Premio al Novata (Premio Principal)
  • Modelline: Cantante Mejor Vestido
  • MBC Gayo Daejeon: Mejor Novato
  • SBS Gayo Daejeon: Bonsang
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards:Mejor Solista Masculino
  • Golden Disk Awards: Bonsang (Premio Principal)
  • Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang (Premio Principal)
  • Korean Music Awards: Ballad (Premio de la Popularidad)
  • 2003 SBS Gayo Daejeon: Bonsang, Mejor Cantante
  • KBS Music Awards: Cantante del Año
  • Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song Of The Month (Noviembre) - 거리에서 (On The Street)
  • SBS Gayo Daejeon: Bonsang
  • MBC Korean Visual Arts Festival: Premio fotogénico
  • MBC Drama Awards: Excelente Locutor Radio
  • MBC Entertainment Awards: Mejor Locutor de Radio
  • Edaily Culture Award: Best Concert [2013 last day]
  • MBC Entertainment Awards: MC Award (Duet Song Festival)
  • KBS Entertainment Awards: Excellence in Talk & Show (Battle Trip)


  • Educación: Sehwa High School
    • Korea University (Departamento de Humanidades - licenciatura de Sociología Graduado)
    • Korea University (Graduado de Postgrado de Periodismo y Comunicación Social)
  • Aficiones: Baloncesto, Piano, Apreciación musical.
  • Nombre de Fan Club Oficial: Purple Ocean
  • Sung Si Kyung se convirtió en un cantante a través de una audición en Internet, participó en un festival musical cibernético y ganó el gran premio, como ganador lanzo un album recopilatorio titulado “The Road that Leads to Me” convirtiéndose en un gran éxito.
  • Oficialmente el debut de Sung Si Kyung fue en el 2001 cuando lanzó su primer álbum, Like the First Time.
  • Es famoso por ser el cantante más inteligente en Corea, debido a sus antecedentes de educación y su grado de fluidez en el idioma Inglés.
  • Fue reclutado para realizar su servicio militar obligatorio en el 2008 y dado de baja en el 2010
  • TWICE fueron sus invitadas especiales en uno de sus conciertos, presentandoce con TT y Signal






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