• Nombre: 지아 / Zia
  • Nombre real: 박지혜 / Park Ji Hye
  • Profesión: Cantante
  • Fecha de nacimiento: 21-Julio-1986 (34 Años)
  • Estatura: 169cm
  • Peso: 47kg
  • Signo zodiacal: Cáncer
  • Agencia: FlexM Entertainment (Corea del Sur)

Tema para Dramas

Temas para Películas

  • Shadowless Sword tema para Shadowless Sword (2005)



Álbum Información Lista de canciones
Road Movie.jpg Road Movie

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. I'm Happy
  2. What Am I to Do
  3. I Love You, I'm Sorry
  4. A Distant Place
  5. I Only See You (feat. T.O.P)
  6. I Only Know Love
  7. Mom, I'm Sorry
  8. Will You Smile for Me
  9. Choked With Grief
  10. From Sinchon to Hongdae
  11. Star
  12. Blank
  13. The Closer You Get
  14. Confession
  15. Worn Out Clothes
  16. I Love You, I'm Sorry (Piano Ver.)
Avancer.jpg Avancer

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. The Way I Am (feat Ha Dong Kyun)
  2. Who Did You Lie
  3. This is My Song
  4. The First Day After Breaking Up
  5. Writing the Love (feat. Mir (MBLAQ))
  6. Not Going Anywhere
  7. Twenty-four Hours (feat. Park Jung Ah)
  8. Just One More Time
  9. I Hope You Win (feat K.Will)
  10. The Way I Am (Inst.)
  11. I Hope You Win (Inst.)
Zia - After 11 Days.jpg After 11 Days

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 울어본 적 있나요 (Have You Ever Cried)
  2. 아프다 아프다 (Hurt) (feat. LE (EXID))
  3. 그까짓 사랑 때문에 (Because I Love You)
  4. 이별 참 쉽더라 (I'm Good)
  5. 그리운 날에 (When I Miss You)
  6. 이별했다 (Broken Up)
  7. 거짓말 (The Lie)
  8. 그런 줄 알았어 (To Be Expected)
  9. 이별남녀 (Loved You) (feat. Seo In Guk)
  10. 사랑했었다면 (If You Loved Me) (feat. Lee Hae Ri (Davichi))

Mini Álbum

Mini Álbum Información Lista de canciones
Compilation-Violin ZIA.jpg Zia (Compilation - Violin) (feat Doll & Yoon Hyeok)

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 바이올린 (Violin)
  2. 그립습니다 (Missing you)
  3. 인형(Doll)
  4. 남자의 사랑 (Men's love)
  5. 바이올린 (Violin) (Piano Ver.)
  6. 그립습니다 (Missing You) (Piano Ver.)
Zia Ochestra.jpg Orchestra

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. Yet
  2. Feel Like Exploding
  3. Love Point (feat.Jang Geun Yi)
  4. Crazy With Love
  5. Breaking Up With a Text
  6. Words I Can't Send
  7. Yet (Piano Ver)
  8. Crazy With Love (Piano Ver)
Zia-atelier.jpg Atelier

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. Do Not Forget
  2. Like Her
  3. The Day After
  4. Love Me
  5. Have A Drink
  6. Like Her (inst.)
  7. Have A Drink (inst.)
Zia Difference.jpg Difference

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. Laughter
  2. Time, I Want You (feat. Kim Yeon Ji)
  3. No Sense
  4. Want to Believe
  5. Don't.. Go
  6. Give Me Your Love (feat. K.Will)
  7. Laughter (Inst.)
Zia-Tears That Fall During Winter.jpg Tears That Fall During Winter

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. If I Have a Lot of Money
  2. Why Do I Have to Be Hurt
  3. Don't Go (Title Song)
  4. Because of a Cold
  5. What Month What Day What Time (feat. Mighty Mouth)
  6. Don't Go (Inst.)
  7. Crying Calling (feat. 4MEN) (Pista Extra)
Zia - Anemone.jpg Anemone

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. Alone In My Room
  2. For a Year
  3. Tears Falling Down (feat. Park Kyung (Block B))
  4. Even If You Forget Me
  5. I Need You (feat. Huh Gak)
CZW2U9.jpg Falling in Fall

Fecha de lanzamiento


  1. 웃게 해줄 게 (I'll Laugh)
  2. Falling In Love (feat. Hwan Hee)
  3. 무릎 담요 (Lap Blanket)
  4. 밥 한 숟갈 (A Spoonful on rice)
  5. 잊어 버린 채 살아 (Forgotten While Living)
  6. 보란 듯이 (As Borane)
  7. Falling In Love (Inst.)
  8. 보란 듯이 (As Borane) (inst.)


Single Información Lista de canciones
Voice of Heaven.jpg Voice of Heaven

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. Absentmindedly
  2. Together With The Star In My Heart (Duet With KCM)
  3. Guardian Angel (feat Kim Ok Bin)
  4. Love Is Like The Rainwater Outside The Window
  5. Of Course
  6. Absentmindedly (Piano Ver.)

Digital Single

Single Información Lista de canciones
01Sul Hanjan Haeyo.jpg Have A Drink

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. Have A Drink
02Nappeun Beoreut.jpg Bad Habit

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. Bad Habit
  2. Bad Habit (Inst.)
03Ulgo, Bulgo.jpg Crying Calling

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. Crying Calling (feat. 4MEN)
  2. Crying Calling (Inst.)
04Myeot Wol Myeochil Myeot Si.jpg What Month What Day What Time

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. What Month What Day What Time (feat. Mighty Mouth)
05Geudaeigil Baraeyo.jpg Give Me Your Love

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. Give Me Your Love (feat. K.Will)
  2. Much Love (feat. Mir (MBLAQ))
  3. Give Me Your Love (Inst.)
06Soksanghaeseo.jpg Depressed Part 2

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. Depressed
Zia- I Need You.jpg I Need You

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. I Need You (feat. Huh Gak)
  2. I Need You (inst.)
Zia - Tears Falling Down.jpg Tears Falling Down

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. Tears Falling Down (feat. Park Kyung (Block B))
ZIA & Han Byul - With Coffee.jpg Zia & Han Byul

With Coffee

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. With Coffee
Zia - To Be Expected.jpg To Be Expected

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 그런 줄 알았어 (To Be Expected)
  2. 그런 줄 알았어 (To Be Expected) (Inst)
Zia - Pretend To Be Okay.jpg Pretend To Be Okay

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 보란 듯이 (Pretend To Be Okay)
  2. 보란 듯이 (Pretend To Be Okay) (Inst)
Zia - Rumor.jpg Rumor

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 나쁜 소문 (Rumor)
  2. 나쁜 소문 (Rumor) (Inst)
It’s Raining - ZIA.jpg It’s Raining (feat Lee Hyun)

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 비가 내려와 (It’s Raining)
  2. 비가 내려와 (It’s Raining) (Inst)
Zia - Nostalgic Autumn.jpg Nostalgic Autumn

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 가을타나 봐 (Nostalgic Autumn) (feat. Hong Dae Kwang)
  2. 가을타나 봐 (Nostalgic Autumn) (Inst)
Zia digital single wd.jpg
Color Series Part.1 "WHITE"

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. Tears
  2. That man
ZIA - Color Series Part.2 BLUE.jpg Color Series Part.2 "BLUE"

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 이별쟁이 (Farewell Ridden)
  2. 친구라 해도 괜찮아
  3. 이별쟁이 (Farewell Ridden) (Inst.)
  4. 친구라 해도 괜찮아 (Inst.)
Color Series Part.2 BLACK.jpg Color Series Part.3 "BLACK"

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. I Know me Well
  2. I Make you Hate me
  3. I Know me Well (Inst.)
  4. I Make you Hate me (Inst.)
Zia-Have A Drink Today.jpg Have A Drink Today

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 술 한잔해요 오늘 (Have A Drink Today)
  2. 술 한잔해요 오늘 (Have A Drink Today) (Inst.)
Zkcm.png KCM & ZIA

Speaking Habit

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 말버릇 (Speaking Habit)

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 시선 (당신이 싫어요) (Sad Eyes)
DK&Z S01.jpg DK & ZIA


Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 별이될게
  2. 별이될게
  3. 별이될게 (Inst.)
ZIA - Dear. My Fool.jpg Dear. My Fool

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 바보에게 바보가 (Dear. My Fool)
20152456.jpg Monday Kiz & Zia

A Remembrance

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 추억 한 잔 (Feat. Hareem)
  2. 추억 한 잔 (Inst.)
20178438.jpg Even Though Me

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 이런 나라도 괜찮나요 (Even Though Me) (Prod. 김현철)
20212946.jpg 나의 12월

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 나의 12월
  2. 나의 12월 (Inst.)
20239242.jpg If I were also a Man

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 나도 남자였다면 (If I were also a Man)
  2. 나도 남자였다면 (If I were also a Man) (Inst.)
20264037.jpg 니가 길게 혼자면 좋겠어

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 니가 길게 혼자면 좋겠어
  2. 니가 길게 혼자면 좋겠어 (Inst.)
20335635.jpg 오늘 술 한잔해요

Fecha de lanzamiento:


  1. 오늘 술 한잔해요
  2. 오늘 술 한잔해요 (Inst.)


  • EXY & Yuna Kim - Love Therapy (2017)
  • Zia & Lee Hyun (8Eight) - It's Raining (2015)
  • Zia & HeartB – Missing You (2015)
  • Seo In Guk & Zia - Loved You (2013)
  • Zia & Lee Hae Ri of Davichi -  If You Loved Me (2013)
  • Zia & Han Byul of LED Apple  - With Coffe (2013)
  • Sunny Hill & Zia - Amazing Girls, - LOEN Summer Story (2012)
  • Ilac - You & I (07-Mayo-2009)
  • SG Wannabe - Like The First Time (12-Marzo-2008)
  • Cho Young Soo - Like Habit (feat. Mino of Freestyle) (27-Marzo-2008)
  • KCM - Gok Jeongbo Bogi (17-Enero-2008)
  • KCM - Of Course (18-Agosto-2005)


  • 2015 21st Republic of Korea Entertainment Arts Awards: Mejor cantante de baladas
  • 2013 4th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards: Artista del Año (Canción) - Loved You (With Seo In Guk)
  • 2008 15th Republic of Korea Entertainment Arts Awards: Mejor cantante de baladas


  • Debut: 2007




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