96°C Café


  • Chinese title: 96°C 咖啡
    • pinyin: 96°C Kāfēi
  • English title: 96°C Café
  • Episodes: 20 (+ 8 Webisodes)
  • Broadcast network: MediaCorp Channel 8
  • Broadcast period: 29 April 2013 to
  • Air time: 9:00-10:00 PM; Monday to Friday


Xu Liqiao was a cheerful young man full of ideals, aspirations and dreams. Together with his beloved wife Luo Xijie, they conceptualised 96oC Café. They nurture the café and their relationship with tender loving care. Sadly, Liqiao is hurt in love and can no longer pursue his dream nor brew the signature coffee of 96oC Café. Devastated by career and love, he turns morose and demoralised. This causes distress to Xu Ruolin, his elder sister, and his paternal grandmother who raised him single-handedly.

Tang Yuchen who has been secretly in love with Liqiao, chooses to remain by his side despite what happened. Unable to bear the sight of his idol wallowing in misery, she decides to lift him out of his grief, and help him regain his confidence and laughter.

Chuanzhi is a regular customer of 96oC Café. In Yuchen’s eyes, he is nothing but an unproductive online addict of the strawberry generation. Chuanzhi has no money to pay for his coffees, so he had to accept Yuchen’s arrangement to work in 96oC Café in order to clear his debts.

Chuanzhi comes from a well-to-do family. His mother is confined to bed due to an accident however, his father, Liu Haoren could not overcome loneliness and starts to develop an affair with his colleague, Ann. Chuanzhi unable to accept the situation, conflicts with his father and runs away from home.

In the process of working with Yuchen, Chuangzhi discovers that he has fallen for her. Well aware that Liqiao has started to accept Yuchen’s love, he decides to hide his love for Yuchen and quietly watches over her.

Luo Xijie’s younger sister Luo Wenjie returns from abroad, the impetuous Wenjie is adamant that Yuchen is the third party who separated her sister and brother-in-law. Therefore, she goes all out to destroy their relationship. As a result of Wenjie’s actions, Yuchen is exhausted by her relationship with Liqiao thus decides to leave.

Xu Ruolin is Liqiao’s elder sister. She is a modern highly-educated single with high income who has no expectations in life, lives conservatively, does not exercise flexibility and behaves nonchalantly. Not only has Ruolin’s career remained static for over a decade, even her relationship with her boyfriend Bill, a lawyer, is monotonously maintained for over 10 years. It is only on the eve of their decision to get married that Bill leaves her in the lurch. Bill’s action lands his best friend Lao Jingfeng into trouble because the latter was the messenger who delivered the letter to end the relationship. Poor Jingfeng is harassed by Ruolin who resents him.

Lao Jingfeng, a general practitioner, is Tang San’s adopted son and Yuchen’s god-brother. He is good-looking, dresses well, has a sharp tongue, speaks fast and mercilessly like a machine gun. He and Ruolin seem to be born enemies for they are always at loggerheads with each other. Several of his relationships have been ruined by Ruolin unintentionally. Their relationship becomes increasingly intense and because of this, sparks fly between them and steadily, love blossoms. But then, a third party, Tang Weida appears at this juncture.

Weida is Yuchen’s elder brother. Weida and Yuchen are as different as chalk and cheese. He lives up to his name of weida or “noble”, being simple-minded, foolish and honest and is frequently taken advantage of by his friends and other people

Weida’s father Tang San hopes that he will settle down quickly but Weida develops a relationship with Ruolin unexpectedly. For Ruolin, Weida does not regard Tangsan’s objection and prepares to engage in a duel of death over love against Lao Jingfeng as well.

Apart from dreams, laughter and joy, everyone’s life and family are bound to encounter helplessness, setbacks, troubles, disappointment and the unexpected. These experiences are scored into little episodes in one’s life that are unfolded in 96oC Café. Finally, a cup of 96oC coffee stimulates a deep awakening and closes the chapter.

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