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Barrack O'Karma (金宵大廈; lit. Twilight Mansion) is a 2019 Hong Kong supernatural romantic drama television series created by Ruby Law. It stars Selena Li and Joel Chan as a pair of star-crossed lovers, with Lau KongSamantha Ko, Candice Chiu, Bob CheungKelly CheungZoie Tam, Billy Luk, and Jazz Lam in supporting roles. The series made its premiere on September 16, 2019 on TVB Jade. The series is renewed for a second season.

The drama takes inspiration from the Champagne Court located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Creator Ruby Law was inspired by the Mandarin song "Jin Xiao Duo Zhen Zhong" (今宵多珍重) to write a story about a man and a woman who sees each other in their dreams. Barrack O'Karma has central themes of a parallel universe, Mandela effect, and the butterfly effect. The series features 10 sub-plots about characters that live or work in the building. Principal photography began in February 2018 and concluded in June.

Barrack O'Karma was nominated for six awards at the 2019 TVB Anniversary Awards and won three, including Best Supporting Actress for Chiu, Most Popular Female Character for Lee, and Most Popular Onscreen Partnership for Lee and Chan.


The story follows the supernatural journeys of 10 residents, including the mysterious disappearance of a single mother's son, the strange movements of a bookstore owner, an otaku who stalks his neighbor, and the mysterious appearance of a young wife who pushes a sealed-up baby carriage.[1]


  • Joel Chan as Lau Yuk Fai / Siu Wai Ming
  • Selena Li as Yeung Yuk Wah / "Coco" / Cheung Wa

  • Lau Kong as Lam Yuk Si
    • Bob Cheung as Young Lam Yuk Si (Ep.9-10)
  • Alex Lam as Chun Ka Chun
  • Geoffrey Wong as Wan Chi Gai
  • Akina Hong as Gok Suet / "Yuki"
  • Candice Chiu as Ho Tai
  • Bryan Cheng as Chan Yan Dong
  • Gloria Tang as Wan Ching / "Joanne"
  • Henry Lo as Peter (Ep.9-10)

  • Milkson Fong as Pan Pan (Ep.1-2)
  • Fanny Ip as Wong Man Chi (Ep.3-4)
  • Ricky Chan as Raj (Ep.3-4)
  • Samantha Ko as Chou Siu Wai (Ep.7-8)
  • John Chan as Chan Chong Kwong (Ep.7-8)
  • Nicole Wan as Fong Fong (Ep.9-10)
  • Chloe Nguyen as Sa Sa (Ep.9-10)
  • Bobo Yeung as Mei Mei (Ep.9-10)
  • Mark Ma as Lee Ka Chun (Ep.11-12)
  • Tammy Ou Yeung as Shum Heung Lim/"Mia" (Ep.2, 11-12)
  • Billy Luk as Choi Kam Fung (Ep.5, 13-14)
  • Zoie Tam as Fong Ka Man/"Carmen" (Ep.2, 13-14)
  • Stephen Huynh as Ho Sai Hin (Ep.15-16)
  • Kelly Cheung as Cheung Hei Man/"Kelly" (Ep.17-18)
  • Rosina Lin as Poon Do La/"Dr. Poon" (Ep.17)

  • Soundtrack[]

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    Critical response[]

    The drama series was positively received by viewers. It has a 8.5/10 rating on DoubanBarrack O'Karma was praised for its original and thrilling storyline. It was the third-most viewed TVB drama in 2019.


    At the 2019 TVB Anniversary Awards, Selena Lee won Most Popular Female Character for her role as Alex/Coco. Lee and Joel Chan were awarded Most Popular Onscreen Partnership, and Candice Chiu won Best Supporting Actress. The series was nominated for Best Drama, and Lee and Chan was nominated for Best Actress and Best Actor respectively.