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Before and After is a 2024 Filipino hybrid romantic-thriller comedy film produced by Patrick Valencia, and directed by Olivia Lamasan. The star won the Metro Manila Film Festival in the year 2020 which rose to fame as a most-broken box office hit in Southeast Asia, Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang , which is Lyca Gairanod and Justin Rick Alonzo. The movie is about a retable from the relationship of the youth of Filipinos as their retable livelihood, starting with a mother from her brother's surprise gift that surprised her sister Sophie (Lyca Gairanod). Yuri's surprise continues to the airport to see her long distance-longtime boyfriend Zyrone (Justin Rick Alonzo) whom she sees in person that she loves. An offering from the movie, its concept is different from the broken love experienced by the two actors from the movie.[1] And this coincides with one of actor Alonzo's movies "Too Good to Be True" released on February 18, 2024 which is two movies released in one month. According to box offices, it reached 75 million box offices surpassing 7 days in cinemas in malls in the Philippines with its releasing date on February 26.

This film is billed as a reunion project which is an installment film that is recognized as a new stage brand-Lylex identity from their first film to the second. It is slated as the second film that is destined to become famous in Southeast Asia history again, then Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang (If I Could Only Go Back). Writer-director Mikhail Red set the originality writer for the story project passed to Patrick Valencia and the film is scheduled to be released starting February 26, 2024 nationwide in theaters and the movie "Before and After" is also set to be released in various countries in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden starting April 1, 2024. After the release of the movie "Before and After" the critics and reception for the movie. The reception wait from being the highest box offices, Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang ended up being released on December 25, 2020.


The story started from a painful relationship of begins with Sophie (Lyca Gairanod), better known as Yuri, the mother gives a gift to her sister KV, which KV will give Sophie the necklace that says "for the little loving already to my sister", and Sophie goes to the airport to see her long-distance and longtime-boyfriend Zyrone (Justin Rick Alonzo), after six years in their quarantine moments, their was able to see them each other in person, they feel that meeting each other is a new destiny and Sophie has turned her recognition of her mother to Zyrone.

After six years in the relationship, they ended their relationship when they reached the point of boredom, with Sophie being suspicious of Zyrone doubting that it was doomed by affecting their relationship. Zyrone was already worrying himself in his new phase that he was taking Sophie down the wrong path, they both feel normalized that they are not suitable for each other and their resilience collided with the real inflects that was destroyed for Yuri, because of a meeting that destroyed what could be built in the relationship, Sophie which makes her disrespectful to her family by Zyrone doing strange.

As Sophie and Zyrone ended their long-distance relationship, the painful realization that the two were no longer compatible began to set in. They had tried to make it work, but time and distance had taken a toll on their romance, and they eventually decided that it was best for them to pursue their individual paths. This realization was bittersweet for both Sophie and Zyrone. On the one hand, they were sad to end their relationship after so many years together. But on the other hand, they knew that it was the right choice for them.

Cast and characters[]

Lead cast[]

  • Lyca Gairanod as "Yuri" / Sophie G. Barcelona-Azarcón
  • Justin Rick Alonzo as Zyrone Sandoval Ronquillo

Main cast[]

  • Kylie Padilla as Candie Gaspara-Barcelona, Sophie's older sister.
  • Kaleigh "Karissa" Carleigha Salonga as "KV" / Kayleigh Vivienne, Sophie's younger sister.
  • Gladys Reyes as Evelin Raegan Gatdula-Barcelona, Sophie's mother.
  • Jarrett Singson as Arjun Laurel, Sophie's colleague at work who likes her.
  • Keempee de Leon as Police Lt. Col. Thomas Manabat, Sophie's stepfather's boastful command of her mother is tiring who identified Zyrone in the fabricated story to be imprisoned.
  • Rolando Javen Cuenco as Blake Sanchez, Zyrone's gang leader who taught martial arts in paradise.
  • John David Galang as Nestor Abandarios, and Señora Leonor's man ordered to watch over Sophie, the man who almost raped Sophie who was rushed by Zyrone in a bar.
  • Naciel Padilla as Justin Sinclair, Sophie's suitor and bestfriend which Sophie rejects.
  • Yukii Takahashi as "Sili" / Sydney Ronquillo, Zyrone's sister who is struggling in studies who has problems with family problems.
  • Cherry Pie Picache as Christa Maricel Sandoval, the standing guardian of Sophie who stands as the mother maid and Zyrone's mother.
  • Joey Marquez as Luis Yoshida Barcelona, Sophie's father who left his family for the sake of gambling that he directs the love of his wife and children.

Supporting cast[]

  • Lorna Tolentino as Judith Azarcón, Sophie's real mother.
  • Klea Pineda as Nikhil Alfredo
  • Kim de Leon as Kenzie Ronquillo
  • Sheena Halili as Keely Ronquillo
  • Marlon Tourette as Señora Leonor Rachelle Paraíso
  • Jeffrey Tam as Pastor Mallari-Tambuatco
  • Odette Khan as Facundo Menese
  • Joonee Gamboa as Carla McAleese-Barcelona
  • Kiko Matos as Gardo
  • Janice Jurado as Estrellita
  • Eric Fructuoso as Cordell Ilaagn
  • Nikki Bacolod as Izarre Mutya Gaspara-Dantes
  • Erlina Diane as Nang Atayde
  • Royce Cabrera as Clerical Magdalena
  • Kristoffer Martin as Detective Jorge Fontanilla
  • Neil Ryan Sese as Juliet Villarosa
  • Chris Cayzer as Jaylin
  • Janus del Prado as Ezequiel Bondoc
  • Jake Vargas as Nestor Ronquillo-Montilla
  • Selina Griffin as Yamson Ramientos
  • Pamela Kaye as Calida Navidad
  • Stanley Salvador as Alina Mindoro

Special participation[]



The movie was announced starting September 4, 2022, Patrick Valencia was photographed, together with Justin Rick Alonzo and Lyca Gairanod who will return to the big screen for their name to Filipinos. The session was filmed at the conference on December 9, 2022 and the cast members involved in the film have been cast. From their first appearance on the big-screen during the Metro Manila Film Festival in the year 2020, the film was made as the making of an installment of back-screen twice for those who can relate and teach the distance from the true colors of life. that Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang is relevant for young people in the 2020s. In their character in their first film Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang, they differed the mixed-materials of the film in the ancient film treatment known as Zyaire Gueverra by the actress (Lyca Gairanod) and Felix Andrada by the actor (Justin Rick Alonzo), the movie symbolizes the start of their fandom in the year January 4, 2021.

Adding that Mikhail Red is also one of the writers for the film, gives the film's setting a hellish welcome from audiences who are critical horror-set ups. From the actor's postponing attendance from his The Valentine's Flowers world tour from April 26, 2023 to its end until September 13, 2023, the actor's strict-schedule in his world tour is evident, he collided with the South Korean rapper, songwriter and record producer who is a member of BTS, Min Yoongi, known as SUGA, in the collision of the Suga Agust D Tour, in the selection of the countries chosen by the actor Justin Rick Alonzo collided in the loyalty concerts the two.

From the behind the scenes that was leaked from a Facebook page, we can see the two cars that were set in Bacolod, the location of the movie Before and After that ended with the mention of the news of Lyca Gairanod and Justin Rick Alonzo for their very happy reunion that will be released in the year 2024 so this movie will be released this February 2024, according by the actor and actress.

Language experience[]

From the experience that this film is a three-in-one language that includes the Hiligaynon and Ilocano languages ​​that also include Tagalog or the better known Filipino language that is included in the film that goes from a similar province that is far away, speaking languages ​​like this are summarized from the actress and half from the actor because it is also based on their experience speaking a different language from the province in the Philippines, for all casting challenged about the triple languages being included.


The main cast members have been introduced by their names in the movie, introduced and seen from behind-the-scenes on ABS-CBN Star Cinema's YouTube channel.

On January 19, 2024, Lorna Tolentino is also cast after returning to Lylex's reunion project when she was with the most-highest box office in the year 2020 at the Metro Manila Film Festival.


Filming begins on May 25, after which the conference will be held on December 9, 2022.

On May 25 to 29, the actor canceled his concert in South Korea, due filming for his anticipated project including this one.

On June 27, 2023, their second-try taping of the movie has already begun, according to writer Patrick Valencia.

On August 18, 2023, it was announced that the film had been wrapped up and was being prepared for release.


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