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Best Mistake is a 2019 Korean drama about a high school girl who posts a picture of a random boy to deter a pesky admirer.


Kim Yeon Do (Lee Eun Jae) is a high schooler who is trying to get rid of a boy from her past who just won't leave her alone.

In desperation, she takes to social media to post a picture of another boy, hoping that this will be enough to deter her annoyingly persistent admirer.

Little does she know, however, that the boy in this picture is none other than Ji Hyun Ho (Kang Yool), a somewhat wild but extremely popular schoolmate.

News of her posting quickly spreads around the school, and little by little she ends up getting to know Ji Hyun Ho– despite the fact that her best friend also appears to have a major crush on him...[1]


  • Kang Yul as Ji Hyun Ho
  • Lee Eun Jae as Kim Yeon Doo
  • Yoon Jun Won as Seo Joo Ho
  • Park E Hyun as Ryu Seol

  • Choe Chan Yi as Jung Ji Sung
  • Joo Hyun Young as Ahn Yoo Na
  • Eom Se Ung as the potato guy
  • Go Woo Jin as Heo Jin Soo
  • Tae Woo
  • Lee Hyeong Seok

  • Soundtrack[]

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    • The drama was based on the mobile story game of the same name.