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RueNightshade RueNightshade 17 July 2019

Adopting the wiki


So, I've been considering to adopt this wiki since it's been pretty much abandoned at this point. There's no listed admin or bureaucrat either.

Changes I want to make on this wiki:

  • Clean up the pages
  • Update all of the information (most of the information is outdated since most articles were last updated in 2016)
  • Give the wiki a redesign (be honest, the current design is terrible)
  • Introduce consistent infoboxes and templates
  • Delete duplicate pages and pages that contain wrong information (there are a lot of pages that belong to drama that don't even exist)

If anyone has any concerns, please let me know. Also, if you want me to adopt it, it would be nice if you'd reply to this post with at least a simple "Yes". If nobody comes forward with ob…

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