Chung Kwok Chu:' Chung Kwok Chu is the father of Sam Chung Si Hon and the husband of Bo Kwai Sum

Sum bui ye: Sum bui ye is an excellent chef taught by her father when she was little. She has agreed for Sam to work with her (with a little persuasion at the joyful kitchen a company whereas she is a teacher who teaches people how to cook. She is very strict and can be mean sometimes but she is shown to be nice on many occasions. It is noted she harbored feelings for Chung Kwok tung.

Chung Kwok tung: Chung Kwok tung is the younger brother of Chung Kwok Chu he is the boss of a company with three workers (counting himself) his wife left him and he waited for her for more than ten years. He and Sum bui ye didn't get along at first but then their feud diminishes and they go on as friends and then to maybe being more than friends. Surprisingly his wife felt sorry for leaving him behind and came back so it is kind of like a triangle whereas Chung Kwok Tung likes both of them and his thoughts are in turmoil.

Bo Kwai sum: Bo Kwai sum is the mother of both Sam and S-na, she is the sister of Suen ma lai, and she is the wife of Chung Kwok Chu.

Suen ma lai: She is the aunt of Sam and S-na and the sister of Kwai sum. Sam is her favorite. She loves her family dearly buying stuff for them that is right, in her opinion. And she hates being left out from the family.

Tong jing jing: She works for the newspaper company as an editor for Chung Kwok Chu. Since she has no home she lives with Tin Hoi. She is a very hard working person. She quit her job and decided to move out of tin hoi's house because her mother can't remember anything but her other daughter Sum bui yee. Tong jing jing's mother (and sum bui ye) left sum bui yee and her father and went somewhere else with her little sister tong jing jing and another guy. Now since she has a memory problem she can probably only survive for a few months. Though tong jing jing and sum bui ye are sisters they are not related by blood (same mother,different father)

Tin hoi He also works at the newspaper company. He and sam are the best of friends, and he calls Chung Kwok Chu, Si-Fu. He lives with jing jing and he used to harbor feelings for her but now he and S-na are dating.

Chung S-na: She is the daughter of Bo Kwai sum and the half sister of Sam, she works for the Newspapering company with her "dad" Chung Kwok Chu and she is very hard working at the job. She spent day and night working on all the things she needed to work on she is currently dating Tin Hoi. tin hoi's mother doesn't like S-na because she doesn't know how to do housework, is very clumsy, and very stubborn. Unlike all of Tin Hoi's other sisters they married and can do all the women jobs.