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Code Name: Jackal (자칼이 온다: aka "The Jackal Is Coming" or "Here Comes the Jackal") is a 2012 South Korean action-comedy film, starring Song Ji-hyo, Kim Jae-joong of JYJ, and Oh Dal-su. The film was directed by Bae Hyoung-jun, whose works included Too Beautiful to Lie and Once Upon a Time. It was produced by Nomad Films and distributed by Lotte Entertainment. It was released on 15 November 2012 and ran for 105 minutes.


A not so smart female killer is hired to kill a popular singer. The killer then kidnaps the popular singer and tries to kill him in a bold manner which the customer requested, but the police arrive.[1]


  • Song Ji Hyo as Bong Min Jung
  • Kim Jae Joong as Choi Hyun

  • Oh Dal Soo as Ma Ban Jang
  • Kim Sung Ryung as Angela
  • Ju Min Ha as Choi Hyun's stalker
  • Seo Dong Won as a hotel owner
  • Han Sang Jin as Team Leader Shin
  • Seo Yi Ahn as Yoo Young Sun
  • Kang Suk Won as Hilton investigation agent 1
  • Yoon Jin Ha as a suicidal man
  • Jo Yong Seok as Doctor Kwon Nam Gi
  • Jin Joo Hyung as a library man
  • Yoo Teo as Mustache
  • Yoon Sang Hwa as a Broker

  • Sa Hee as a music video actress
  • Feel Kim as an Investigation personnel
  • Kim Sang Il as a former police reporter

  • Soundtrack

    Main Article: Codename: Jackal OST


    The film marks the first collaboration between Kim and Song, as well as Kim's first starring role in a big screen debut. A press conference was attended by the cast: Kim Jae-joong, Song Ji-hyo, Han Sang-jin and Oh Dal-su, held on 9 November 2012 at the Lotte Cinema at Konkuk University.

    The film ranked fourth and grossed ₩966,147,307 on its first week of release, and grossed a total of ₩1,351,848,104 domestically after two weeks of screening.

    Box Office

    The Box office reached to US$1,261,947.

    International Release

    Ahead of the film's release, it was announced by its distributor Lotte Entertainment that the film has been pre-sold to six Asian countries: Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore,Indonesia and Brunei.

    • Japan theatrical release: 3 May 2013
    • Thailand airing on Channel 7: 7 July 2017 at 02:15