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Crazy Artist is a 2017 Thai drama about a girl who gets dumped by her boyfriend and fakes being in a relationship to get her ex jealous.


Mel B is dumped by her boyfriend Theo. The same day, she meets Hippy, a rock band's singer. He wants her Beatles t-shirt but as an exchange for it, he must pretend to be her boyfriend for five days.[1]


  • Kan Kunchanuj Kengkarnka as Hippy
  • Note Panayanggool as Mel-B

  • Amp Phurikulkrit Chusakdiskulwibul as Theo
  • Gun Korawit Boonsri as Cholly
  • Alice Tsoi as Sylvia

  • Mek Jirakit Thawornwong as Hawk
  • Captain Chonlathorn Kongyingyong as Kiryu
  • Push Puttichai Kasetsin as Sibtit
  • New Thitipoom Techaapaikhun as Paskao

  • Soundtrack

    Main Article: Crazy Artist OST


    Episode Aired
    Episode 01 April 9, 2017
    Episode 02 April 16, 2017
    Episode 03 April 23, 2017
    Episode 04 April 30, 2017



    • This drama was based on the web novel of the same name by Hideko_Sunshine.