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Forward Forever is a 2019 Chinese drama about two friends from different social backgrounds who's friendship is threatened by the political situation in their country.


A member of the imperial family, Chong Liming (Huang Zi Tao), grew up fully devoted to his country. Returning to China after studying abroad, the young imperial quickly finds himself caught up in his country's political struggles. Along the way, he meets Ah Yi (Jackson Yi), a young man of low birth who, through a series of events, becomes Chong Liming's closest friend.

Recruited to Yan Shi Fan, an elite league of guards tasked solely with defending the palace, Ah Yi is forced to overcome an endless number of challenging obstacles. Always rising to the occasion, Ah Yi makes a name for himself as a loyal compatriot. Meanwhile, Chong Liming has trials of his own to overcome as power struggles against foreigners, the triads, and the corruption which has plagued the Qing Dynasty courts for years, all trying to bring him down.

Forced together through hardship, the two become fast friends but as time passes, things between them begin to change. Devoted to his family, Chong Liming is forever loyal to the royal family while Ah Yi finds himself drawn towards the power of the new Republic of China.[1]


  • Z. Tao as Prince Chong Liming
  • Jackson Yi as Ah Yi
  • Hu Bing Qing as Yu Chu from the Ai Xinjue Luo family
  • Miranda Ma as Ma Li

  • Ning Xin as Hua Jiu Qing
  • Richards Wang as Wa Ge Na 'Wagner'
  • Liu Yun as Fang'er
  • Cristy Guo as Xi Xian'er
  • June Wu as Yang Zen
  • Ren Luo Min as Mr. Su
  • Lin Zi Qing as Xiao Hong
  • Wang Zi Teng as Wen Gou
  • Rimiko Li as Si San
  • Wang Qing Xiang as Shen Liu from Ergun City
  • Li Jian Yi as Old Ma Tou, a lamb restaurant owner
  • Zhao Xiao Rui as Rui Zhen, a Qing court minister
  • He Peng as Lian'er
  • Li Jun Mo as Xiao Ke
  • Zhang Chun Nian as Dong Gong Gong
  • You Li Ping as Zhe Yu
  • Lin Dong Fu as Mr. Jin
  • Hu Ya Jie as Yang Ming
  • Liu Yuan as Ke Yan Xin
  • Ning Xiao Zhi as De Qi, a Qing court minister
  • Zhang Bin

  • Cao Yu

  • Soundtrack

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    • The drama was based on the BL manhua "Brilliant" by Han Lu.