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Gong Jun (龚俊; born 29 November 1992) is a Chinese actor.


In 2015, Gong made his acting debut in the historical wuxia web drama Sword Chaos.

In 2017, Gong gained recognition for his leading role in the BL action comedy drama Advance Bravely. He gained further recognition for his role as the 11th prince in the fantasy historical drama Lost Love in Times. Due to the success of the drama, Gong starred in a 12 episode spin-off of the drama as the main character. The same year, Gong made his big-screen debut in the fantasy suspense film Rebirth Partner.

In 2018, Gong starred in the xianxia campus drama Fantasy Westward Journey. The same year, he was cast in the youth campus drama ART ON!.

In 2019, Gong starred in the historical romance drama Lust For Gold, followed by romance fantasy drama Flavor It's Yours.

In 2020, Gong starred in youth romance drama The Love Equations, based on Zhao Qianqian's novel of the same name.



Year Title Role
2016 Lost in Japan VK Main
2017 Rebirth Partner Lin Xi Main
2023 Hidden Strike Hai Ming Support

Television Series[]

Year Title Role
2016 Sword Chaod Bi Lu Support
2017 Lost Love in Times Yuan Che Support
Advance Bravely Xiao Yao Main
Lost Love in Times: Drunken Dreams of Ling Long Yuan Che
2019 Unique Lady Zhong Wu Mei Main
Unique Lady Season 2
Flavour It's Yours Lu Wei Xun Main
Lust for Gold Zhong Wu Mei
2020 The Love Equations Zhao Fan Zhou Main
Begin Again Ling Rui Main
Unique Lady Season 3 Zhong Wu Mei Main
ART ON! Fang Yan
Fantasy Westward Journey Ren Yixia
Lust for Gold 2 Zhong Wumei
2021 A Tale of the Wanderers Wen Kexing
Word of Honor Wen Ke Xing Main
The Player Ren Yi Xia Main
The Flaming Heart Huo Yan Main
Shining Like You Fang Yan Main
Dream Garden Lin Shen Main
2023 Rising with the Wind Xu Si Main
Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yue Hong Dong Fang Yue Chu Main
The Legend of Anle Crown Prince Han Ye Main
2024 The Truth Ye Qian Main
- Chao Xue Lu Main

Variety Shows[]

Year Title Role Notes
1997 Happy Camp Guest (Ep. 2020.05.23, 2021.04.03, 2021.04.24)
2015 Warm Taste
2017 The Cute Teacher Arrives Regular Member
2018 Cooking For Love Guest
2021 Sisters Who Make Waves Season 2 (Ep. 13)
Ace vs Ace Season 6 (Ep. 9)
Wang Pai Shao Nian Jia Zai Zhong Season 1 (Ep. 9)
Produce Camp 2021 (Ep. 8)
Go Fighting! Season 7 (Ep. 2)
Ace Actress (Ep. 1-2)
Go Fridge Season 7 (Ep. 4)
Chinese Restaurant Season 5 Regular Member (Ep. 1-5)
2022 Hello, Saturday 2022 Guest (Ep. 12)
Back to Field Season 6 (Ep. 12-13)
We Are the Champions Regular Member
Go Fighting! Season 8 (Ep. 1-5)
2023 Hello, Saturday 2023 Guest (Ep. 5, 30)
Become a Farmer (Ep. 4-5)
Go Fighting! Season 9 Regular Member (Ep. 1-6)
- It's Polite, Dun Huang


Year Title Role
2017 Lost Love in Times SP Yuan Che Main
2020 The Love Equations: Extra Story Zhao Fan Zhou Main
Begin Again: Special Ling Rui Main
2021 Word of Honor - Epilogue Wen Ke Xing Main
2022 Hello, Hello Main


Year Title Album
2020 "Sweet Little Satisfaction" The Love Equations OST
"Youth With You"
"Used To You" Begin Again OST


  • His Chinese zodiac is Monkey.