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Home for Summer is a 2019 Korean drama about a couple's marriage being threatened by them falling in love with other people.


Geum Hee has been married to Joon Ho for the past 10 years. She supported him while he was attempting to become a plastic surgeon. He is now a successful plastic surgeon. They are still happily married, but Joon Ho happens to meet divorcee Sang Mi. Sang Mi wants Joon Ho regardless if he is already married. Meanwhile, Sang Won is a chef and the younger brother of Sang Mi. Due to his painful memory of being dumped by the woman he loved, his personality seems to have become cold. He actually still has a warm heart.[1]


  • Lee Young Eun as Wang Geum Hee
  • Yoon Sun Woo as Joo Sang Won
  • Kim Sa Kwon as Han Joon Ho
  • Lee Chae Young as Joo Sang Mi

  • Na Hye Mi as Wang Geum Joo
  • Kim San Ho as Han Seok Ho
  • Kim Hye Ok as Na Young Sim
  • Kang Suk Woo as Joo Yong Jin
  • Lee Han Wi as Wang Jae Kook
  • Kim Ye Ryung as Byeon Myung Ja
  • Im Chae Won as Joo Yong Soon
  • Moon Hee Kyung as Heo Kyung Ae
  • Kim Ki Ri as Oh Dae Sung
  • Woo Hee as Jeon Soo Yeon
  • Im Jae Geun as a PD
  • Son Jong Bum

  • Han Hee Jung as the woman who moved into Geum Hee's apartment

  • Soundtrack[]

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    • This drama took over the timeslot previously occupied by "It's My Life" and was followed by "Down the Flower Path" on October 28, 2019.[2]