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Homeroom is a 2020 Japanese drama about a student who gets bullied by her handsome homeroom teacher, whom she has a crush on.


Rintaro Aida is a handsome teacher. One of his students, Sachiko Sakurai endures unpleasant situations every day. The identity of the person who causes the unpleasantness is not known. Rintaro Aida always saves her from those situations. Because of this, Sachiko Sakurai begins to have feelings for her homeroom teacher. What Sachiko Sakurai does not know is that Rintaro Aida likes her very much and he is behind the unpleasant situations and he does this to save her.[1]


  • Yamada Yuki as Aida Rintaro
  • Akita Shiori as Sakurai Sachiko

  • Tomita Miu as Maruyama
  • Yokota Mayuu as Natsume Yua
  • Maeno Tomoya as Mori Shinichiro
  • Yamashita Rio as Shiina Megumi
  • Ohata Shieri as Shiratori Nana
  • Wakabayashi Takuya as Takenouchi
  • Tsuna Keito as Yahagi Ken

  • Soundtrack[]

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    • The drama was based on the webcomic "Homeroom" by Chiyo (first published on March 1, 2018 via Comic-Days).[2]