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Hook is a 2020 Thai drama about two students who bond over boxing.


Despite their fathers' rivalry, two university students form a friendship at a boxing gym as they tackle family drama, romance and personal crises.

—Official Description[2]


  • Pete Thongchua
  • Jida Jidapa Siribanchawan as Dao
  • Guy Ratchanont Suprakob

  • Soundtrack[]

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    Episode Title Aired
    Episode 01 "Round 1: Yap" July 4, 2020
    While Man is running away from a fight he started he meets Saifah. Saifah realizes that Man is a kid he knew when they were younger and introduces himself to him, embarrassing Man because of the situation he put Saifah in.
    Episode 02 "Round 2: Rival" July 11, 2020
    With the help of Ying, Saifah starts to improve his boxing skills getting the attention of Wanchai further complicating the relationship between Man and his dad.
    Episode 03 "Round 3: Partner" July 18, 2020
    Arun drops into town to check up on Saifah and finds out Hongyok is also living with Saifah. Saifah and Man have a talk but things take a turn when romantic interests start to develop.
    Episode 04 "Round 4: Rookie" July 25, 2020
    Hongyok and Saifah come up with a plan to figure out where their love lives are headed. Saifah and Man face an opponent from a different Gym.
    Episode 05 "Round 5: Level Up" August 1, 2020
    At Hongyok's birthday party the mystery about Dao relationship status is further complicated with no resolution. The boxing gym gets a new member and Man is signed up for another activity against his will.
    Episode 06 "Round 6: Final Countdown" August 8, 2020
    As Man and Saifah's friendship grows closer their love lives become more complicated. Man is juggling boxing and cheer-leading while Saifah moves in with Man to focus more on boxing.
    Episode 07 "Round 7: The Glory Day" August 15, 2020
    Episode 08 "Round 8: Not Afraid" August 22, 2020
    Episode 09 "Round 9: Fall" August 29, 2020
    Episode 10 "Round 10: Broker" September 5, 2020
    Episode 11 "Round 11: Blue Sky" September 12, 2020
    Episode 12 "Round 12: Move On" September 19, 2020
    Episode 13 "Round 13: Hook" September 26, 2020