Title: 億億単億億 / Yi Yi Dan Yi Yi

English Title: Hunter X Hunter

Also Known as: Gon is Crying / Hunter Gon

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance

Episodes: 57

Broadcast Network: GTV

Air Time: Monday - Friday 10:00 AM

Theme Songs:

Opening Song:: Hui Se Kong Jiang (灰色空間) by Alan Luo [1]

Ending Song: Shang Shi Shang Shi by Rheia Yu

Insert Song: Milo is Crying by Maira Zhong

Story revolves around three sworn brothers namely Yu Hao, Shan Zi and Yang Xiong Qi. They are delinquents, fighting to gain what they want, though they have never officially joined any triads yet. Their leader Yu Hao falls for Xiao Yan Zi, who is the opposite of everything that the boys are. She is from a family with very good background and has a bright future as a budding pianist. An ambush on Yu Hao by a rival gang brings them together when Yan Zi saves Yu Hao.

So the story revolves around how they fall in love and how Yu Hao, in a bid to protect Yan Zi, ends up joining the triads in order to get protection.

Rhea Yu as Zi Mei Shang / Shang Shi Qi

Shaggy Liu as Mai Zuo Mei

Wo Shan Yu as Bei Fang Zhang

Su Yong Peng as Guan Shan Wan

Wei Shi Jian as Liu Xing Yu

Lei Shao Mian as Mai Shui Qing

Ma Zhi Quan as Mai Shin Qian

Shin Mei Liu as Zi Mei Shang's Mother

Wei Shao Lian as Zi Mei Shang's Father

Mian Bao Liu as Childhood Zi Mei Shang

Sai Zuo Juan as Childhood Mai Zuo Mei

Xiang Bo Tao as Bei Fang Zhang

Producer: Lai Shui Qing

Writer: Wu Dun, Deng Jian Guo

Director: Mai Zhi Qian