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Love The Way You Are is a 2019/2020 Chinese drama about two high schoolers who are separated and meet again as a model and famous chef.


A story about overcoming your doubts towards love follows an overweight girl who successfully sheds the weight to become a model and the man of her dreams.

Being called fat all her life, Zhen Yuanyuan (Judy Qi) went through hell and back to complete her transformation into a model but she becomes afflicted with a strange sickness that causes her to revert back to her old weight at random. Zhen Yuanyuan once thought that only women who fit the criteria of fair-skinned, thin and beautiful ("baifumei") had the right to be loved, yet she crossed paths with Ruan Dongsheng (Derek Chang) and realized she had it wrong. Yuanyuan used to have a crush on Ruan Dongsheng during their schooldays and it turns out that he had a crush on her too. When it comes to love, perhaps due to insecurities over appearances or the lack of eloquence, too many people dwell on their imperfections and miss out on the chance to fall in love.[1]


  • Judy Qi as Zhen Yuan Yuan / Eva
  • Derek Chang as Ruan Dong Shen
  • Ma Meng Wei as Luo Yi Ren
  • Qiu Bai Hao as Xiao Nan

  • Zhang Hao Jin as Rebecca
  • Xiao Ran as Ni Hao
  • Support Role


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    • The drama was based on the novel "Just for Meeting You" ("我与世界只差一个你") by Haochen Zhang.[1]


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