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Lovely Swords Girl is a 2019 Chinese drama about a cheerful woman who is caught up in a love triangle.


Set in a fictional history rife with conflict and chaos, the story revolves around a sappy young woman who doesn't forget to laugh and chases after true love even as she gets caught in a love triangle. Through her journey, she grows into a loving person and thwarts an evil scheme in the pugilistic world.

While her heart yearned for love, Sheng You meets not one but two men. On one side is Gong Yuanxiu, her foolish husband who hastily married her for her looks. He may be muddleheaded in most things but he is extremely loving and protective of Sheng You. One the other side is Aide Yushu, her childhood friend and the master of a sect. Having loved Sheng You for many years, he is willing to give up everything for her sake, even his life.

In the face of two very real, unique and different kinds of love, the innocent Sheng You couldn't make sense of her feelings and finds it difficult to choose between two perfect men. Gong Yuanxiu and Aide Yushu may be rivals, but they are like brothers. Due to their closeness, they opened up to the idea that the three of them could get along![1]


  • Yang Shi Ze as Gong Yuan Xiu
  • Jiang Zhen Yu as Yu Sheng You
  • He Yi Qian as Aide Yushu

  • Xu Kai Xin as Gong Yuan Han
  • Li Jia Hao as Gong Yuan Xia
  • Sun Zi Hang as Yu Sheng Bai
  • Liu Tian Chi as E Niang
  • Bai Yu Fan as Wei Yi
  • Wu Qian Ying as Mu Yu'er
  • Zhang Xue Han as Lu Ren Yi
  • Vila Fan as Mama Gong
  • William Wong as the 13th Prince
  • Zhang Wei as Gui Yan Xie

  • Soundtrack

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