My Sister of Eternal Flower
花花世界花家姐; Fā-fā Sai-gaai Fā Gā-jé
Image General Information
My Sister of Eternal Flower
№ of Episode: 20
Network: TVB Jade
Release: 16 May 2011
Genre: human drama


The company XENUS was successfully run by Zhang Sum (Bowie Wu). One day Zhang Sum ended up in the hospital, and his spoiled grandson Hugo (Raymond Lam) took over the company. However Hugo was incapable and loses control of the company to Mike (Pierre Ngo), a genuinely skilled manager. Mike manipulated the company and moved all the clients to his own company. XENUS was near collapse, while Hugo loses everything and become the joke of society. At the low point of his life, the only one that backed him up was a mentally low-IQ girl Fa Lai-chu (Charmaine Sheh). Hugo would bounce back and have to decide between the mentally ill girl Fa and Agnes (Yoyo Chen), the beautiful perfect model who didn't stand by him enough.

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