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Our Shiny Days is a 2019/2020 Chinese drama about three musicians who start a band for traditional Chinese music to counter Western music.


A musical journey follows Chen Jing, her guy friend and a group of female musicians who are passionate about traditional Chinese music. Together, they start a band to challenge the norm and go on an all-out war against the students of Western music.

Chen Jing is a student of folk music who specializes in the yangqin. Because she likes the piano, she volunteers to become a page-turner for school senior Wang Wen but earns his ridicule when her knowledge of Western music is shown to be lacking. To prove that she has what it takes to stand on stage, Chen Jing turns to the girls from dorm 502 for help and together with her bestie Li You, they start up a band to create the kind of music that they want. Meanwhile, Chen Jing's older cousin Chen He Xu is a teacher who tries hard to clear the misunderstandings between the students. Outside the school, Chen He Xu meets Feng Anyu and inspires him to reevaluate his own life.

Can the two schools of music finally coexist?[1]


  • Zhou Yi Ran as Chen Jing
  • Hao Fu Shen as Li You
  • Wang An Yu as Feng An Ning
  • Li Yi Chen as Chen He Xu

  • Wang Yuan as Teacher Zhao
  • Wang Xin Yue as Xiao Mai
  • Zhang Ge as Xu Ying
  • Zhai Yi Shu as Su Bei
  • Chu He as Zhao Yi Mo
  • Ju Ke Er as Song Tian Shuang
  • Ni Ke Xin as Zheng You En
  • Sun Tian Yu as Li Yan
  • Tian Yi Feng as Wang Feng He
  • Li Ming Yuan as Wang Wen
  • Wu Shuang as Liu Yue Ta

  • Soundtrack

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    Filming began on July 16, 2018.