Palace (The Lock Heart Jade)
(锁心玉); Gōng (Suǒ Xīn Yù)
Image General Information
№ of Episode: 35
Network: Hunan Satellite TV
Release: 31 January 2011
Genre: period, romance


Luo Qingchuan is a modern day girl with a love of history who accidentally travels back in time to Kangxi Emperor's era of the Qing dynasty. She becomes embroiled in the princes' struggle for the throne and is torn between her love for Yinsi, the eighth prince, and Yinzhen, the fourth prince and future Yongzheng Emperor. Caught in the crossfire of political intrigue, her wit and historical knowledge serves her well in her bid to stay alive as she begins to realize that true history is much darker and uglier than books portray.

Main CastingEdit