Details Edit

  • Original title: 장난 스런 키스 / Jangnanseureon Kiss
    13. Playful Kiss

    Playful Kiss

  • English title: Playful Kiss / Naughty Kiss / Kiss Mischievous
  • Also known as: Playful Kiss, Naughty Kiss
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy, School
  • Original netowork: MBC
  • Original release: September 1 to October 21, 2010
  • Runtime:  Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 (KST)
  • Original Soundtrack: Playful Kiss OST
  • Episodes: 16 + 7 special on Youtube

Synopsis Edit

Oh Ha Ni is a sweet lively and happy high school student yet she is definitely not the sharpest crayon in the box.

She has a crush on Baek Seung Jo, the smartest boy in school despite being chased loyally by Bong Joon Gu herself. When she confesses to Seung Jo through a letter, he brings it back to her, after grading it harshly and commenting that he hates stupid girls.

When Oh Ha Ni's new house suddenly collapses her father's friend offers for him and Ha Ni to stay with them. Unknown to Ha Ni, her father's friend is actually Baek Seung Jo's dad.

As they continue to live under the same roof and attend Parang University together, Ha Ni continues to show affection for Seung Jo although he seems to be more interested in the equally clever and beautiful Yoon Hae Ra.

Cast Edit

  • Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni
  • Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo
  • Lee Tae Sung as Bong Joon Goo
  • Jung Hye Young as Hwang Geum Hee (Seung Jo's mother)
  • Oh Kyung Soo as Baek Soo Chang (Seung Jo's father)
  • Choi Won Hong as Baek Eun Jo (Seung Jo's brother)
  • Kang Nam Gil as Oh Ki Dong (Ha Ni's father)
  • Hong Yoon Hwa as Jung Joo Ri (Ha Ni's friend)
  • Yoon Seung Ah as Dok Go Min Ah (Ha Ni's friend)
  • Choi Sung Joon as Kim Gi Tae
  • Jang Ah Young as Hong Jang Mi
  • Bye Bye Sea as Bong Joon Gu's followers
  • Hwang Geum Byul as Song Kang Yi (Ha Ni's homeroom teacher)
  • Song Yong Shik as Song Ji Oh
  • Moon Hoe Won as Head Teacher Hwang
  • Lee Si Young as Yoon He Ra
  • Choi Sung Gook as Wang Kyung Soo
  • Yoon Bo Hyun as tennis team captain
  • Abigail Alderete as Chris

Production Edit

  • Production Company: Group Eight
  • Chief Producer: Han Hee
  • Producer: Song Byung Joon (송병준)
  • Director: Hwang In Roe, Kim Do Hyung (김도형)
  • Original writing: Manga "Itazura na Kiss" by Tada Kaoru
  • Screenwriter: Go Eun Nim (고은님)

Notes Edit

  • Playful Kiss is based on the Japanese shōjo manga, Itazura Na Kiss.
  • Filming began July 22th, 2010.
  • "Mischievous Kiss" will take over the MBC Wed. & Thurs. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Road No. 1".
  • Overseas broadcast rights were sold to a total 11 countries including Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and the Philippines. Total sales totalled roughly 4 billion Won ($3.6 million USD). Overseas stations should begin airing "Mischievous Kiss" in December.
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