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Please Love Me is a 2019/2020 Chinese drama about an idol who enters a fake relationship with a manicurist.


A popular idol and a manicurist fall into a romance with an expiration date when they have to pretend to be married.

Two different people leading different lives cross paths due to a scheme around a candid camera incident. To deal with the aftermath, popular star Yi Han and manicurist Pei You You, who has always dreamed of buying her own house, enter into a marriage contract. From strangers who wanted nothing to do with each other, the pretend couple eventually develop real feelings. However, reports of their agreement leak to the public. Furthermore, a conspiracy that has been brewing for a long time comes to the surface.

Can Yi Han still prove that his heart is true?[1]


  • Zhang Yu Jian as Yi Han
  • Xu Xiao Nuo as Pei You You

  • Kido Gao as Lin Tian Nuo
  • Lu Yan Qi as Ran Zi Shu
  • Lu Zi Zhen as Kan Di
  • Wu Chen Xu as Lu Ming
  • Eden Zhao

  • Soundtrack

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