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Something in the Rain (밥 잘 사주는 예쁜 누나; Bap Jal Sajuneun Yeppeun Nuna; lit. Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food) is a 2018 South Korean television series directed by Ahn Pan Seok and starring Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In. The series marks Son Ye-jin's small screen comeback after five years. It was broadcast on JTBC every Friday and Saturday at 23:00 KST from March 30 to May 19, 2018. It was also aired on the subscription service Netflix with subtitles.


Reunited with her best friend's younger brother, who's back from a stint abroad, a recently dumped career woman begins to see him in a new light.

—Official Description[1]

Yoon Jin Ah is a woman in her mid-30s who doesn't know yet what it's like to date a man. She's been dumped by a man many times because of her clumsy, reckless, and foolish behavior. And again, a man she wanted to marry dumps her for the worst reason ever: that she's like bland, tasteless devil's-tongue jelly, which means she's not attractive at all as a woman.

Just then, Joon Hee appears before her with a broad smile on his face. He's as refreshing as a soft drink. Joon Hee is Jin Ah's younger brother's childhood friend, who used to live next door. Jin Ah has always remembered him as a little kid, but one day, he comes back as a really masculine man. When she is surprised by his change, her gut feeling tells her that she would truly fall in love this time.[2]


  • Son Ye Jin as Yoon Jin Ah
  • Jung Hae In as Seo Joon Hee

  • Jang So Yeon as Seo Kyung Sun, Jin Ah's best friend and Joon Hee's sister
  • Jung Yoo Jin as Kang Se Young, Jin Ah's colleague
  • Lee Joo Young as Lee Ye Eun, Jin Ah's colleague
  • Lee Hwa Ryong as Gong Cheol Goo, a team manager
  • Seo Jung Yeon as Jung Young In, Jin Ah's boss
  • Park Hyuk Kwon as Nam Ho Gyun, a team manager
  • Kil Hae Yeon as Kim Mi Yeon, Jin Ah's mother
  • Wi Ha Joon as Yoon Seung Ho, Jin Ah's brother
  • Yoon Jong Seok as Kim Seung Cheol, Joon Hee's university friend
  • Jang Won Hyung as Kim Dong Woo
  • Oh Man Seok as Yoon Sang Ki, Jin Ah's father
  • Oh Ryoong as Lee Kyu Min
  • Kim Chang Wan as Seo Jun Hee and Seo Kyung Sun's father
  • Joo Min Kyung as Geum Bo Ra
  • Lee Chang Hoon as Choi Joong Mo
  • Kim Jong Tae as Jo Kyung Shik, a director

  • Z Hera as Ga Young, Jin Ah's ex-boyfriend's girlfriend (Ep.1)
  • Jo Soo Hyang as Joon He's friend
  • Oh Hee Joon as Joon He's friend (Ep.16)
  • Heo Jung Do as Yoon Jin Ah's blind date
  • Lee Tae Goo as Joon Hee's friend (Ep.6)
  • Kim Hak Seon
  • Lee Kyu Sung
  • Jang Yool
  • Yang Jo Ah
  • Heo Jung Gyu
  • Son Se Bin
  • Kim Se On
  • Lee Shi Hoon
  • Jeon Seok Chan
  • Yoo Yong
  • Han Jae Yi
  • Chang Ryul

  • Soundtrack

    Main Article: Something in the Rain OST


    In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

    Episode Aired Average audience share
    AGB Nielsen TNmS
    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide
    Episode 01 March 30, 2018 4.008% 4.239% 3.8%
    From a breakup to work stress, life isn't all that peachy for 35-year-old Jin Ah. Meanwhile, Joon Hee arrives back in Korea after three years abroad.
    Episode 02 March 31, 2018 3.752% 4.177% 4.8%
    One of Jin Ah's co-workers takes a liking to Joon Hee. Jin Ah's mom begins to worry because Jin Ah isn't preparing to get married like others her age.
    Episode 03 April 6, 2018 4.222% 4.621% 4.4%
    Gyu Min goes around saying that Jin Ah likes Joon Hee, but no one believes him. Joon Hee seems to think Jin Ah wants to get back together with Gyu Min.
    Episode 04 April 7, 2018 4.756% 5.434% 5.9%
    Although happily in love, Jin Ah still has concerns about her relationship. She volunteers to go on a business trip that no one else wants to take on.
    Episode 05 April 13, 2018 5.134% 6.001% 5.4%
    Setting aside her guilt, Jin Ah spends the night at Joon Hee's place. Back at work after the business trip, she gets called to Director Nam's office.
    Episode 06 April 14, 2018 6.187% 7.069% 6.5%
    For Joon hee, keeping his relationship a secret starts to get frustrating. President Jo asks the female employees to bring forth their grievances.
    Episode 07 April 20, 2018 5.322% 6.202% 6.4%
    Seung Ho is angry with Joon Hee. Jin Ah runs into issues while trying to replace her broken smartphone because the account is under Gyu Min's name.
    Episode 08 April 21, 2018 5.499% 5.936% 5.7%
    When no one seems to know where Jin Ah is, Joon Hee starts to panic. Worried for her safety, he tries to get hold of Gyu Min.
    Episode 09 April 27, 2018 6.177% 6.769% 5.9%
    Refusing help from her dad and Joon Hee, Jin Ah plans to break the news to her mom and Gyeong Seon herself, but it doesn't go as smoothly as she hoped.
    Episode 10 April 28, 2018 5.757% 6.713% 6.6%
    As everyone predicted, Jin Ah's mom reacts rather melodramatically to Jin Ah's news, injuring herself and hurting others' feelings in the process.
    Episode 11 May 4, 2018 5.637% 7.018% 5.9%
    Joon Hee is more concerned about Jin Ah's feelings than his own, and refuses to give up his relationship with Jin Ah despite her mom's hurtful words.
    Episode 12 May 5, 2018 5.520% 6.320% 6.1%
    With Gyeong Seon and Joon Hee's dad sitting close by, Jin Ah isn't able to focus on her blind date, who takes notice and obviously isn't pleased.
    Episode 13 May 11, 2018 5.564% 6.598% 5.4%
    Furious at Jin Ah, Joon Hee cuts off communication with her completely, which makes her worry. Joon Hee's dad calls Jin Ah's dad and asks to meet.
    Episode 14 May 12, 2018 7.281% 8.313% 6.3%
    After making her shocking announcement, Jin Ah pays a surprise late-night visit to Joon Hee's place. Jin Ah is told by her mom to move out of the house.
    Episode 15 May 18, 2018 5.883% 6.486% 5.7%
    Jin Ah tries to keep her housing situation a secret from Joon Hee. Meanwhile at Jin Ah's company, there's much scheming going on behind her back.
    Episode 16 May 19, 2018 6.787% 7.661% 7.1%
    Memories of their happy past come flooding back when Jin Ah and Joon Hee see each other for the first time in months, but this only adds to their pain.
    Average 5.468% 6.222% 5.7%

    This drama airs on a cable channel/pay TV which normally has a relatively smaller audience compared to free-to-air TV/public broadcasters (KBS, SBS, MBC and EBS).

    International broadcast

    The drama aired in the Philippines on the Asianovela Channel starting from July 15, 2019.

    Themes of Taboos

    The driving narrative around the story centers around South Korean taboos concerning relationships:

    • Dating Taboos: An older female dating a younger male is considered scandalous.
    • Familial Taboos: People who grow up without parents or present parental figures are considered "unfit" for marriage.
    • Job Taboos: People should only associate with people who are of a certain educational background, occupational position, or wealthy class status.
    • Career Taboos: Women are expected to go out and be flirtatious during team dinners to show that they value "team unity".
    • Drinking Taboos: It is customary to pour your colleagues glass first before and vice versa. If you pour for yourself, it indicates a fractured relationship.
    • Food Taboos: Usually if an older woman buys a younger male food frequently, it's because of a brother-sister relationship.


    The first script reading of the cast was held on January 25, 2018 at JTBC building in Sangam-dong.

    As a result of the drama receiving high viewership ratings, a three-day reward vacation to Japan was awarded for the cast and the crew which was scheduled from May 29 to 31, 2018.

    Awards and nominations

    Year Award Category Recipient Result
    2018 11th Korea Drama Awards Best New Actor Wi Ha Joon Nominated
    13th Seoul International Drama Awards Excellence Award for Korean Drama Something in the Rain Won
    Outstanding Korean Actor Jung Hae In Nominated
    Outstanding Korean Actress Son Ye Jin Won
    6th APAN Star Awards Grand Prize (Daesang) Nominated
    Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Jung Hae In Won
    Best Supporting Actress Jang So-yeon
    K-Star Award, Actor Jung Hae In
    2nd The Seoul Awards Best Actress Son Ye Jin Nominated
    Best New Actor Jung Hae In
    Popularity Award, Actor Won
    Hallyu Artist Award
    Korea Contents Awards Presidential Commendation Something in the Rain
    2019 23rd Asian Television Awards Best Drama Series
    Best Direction (Fiction) Ahn Pan Seok Nominated
    Best Actress in a Leading Role Son Ye Jin


    • This drama took over the timeslot previously occupied by "Misty" and was followed by "Sketch" on May 25, 2018.[3]