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Sumika Sumire is a 2016 Japanese drama about an overworked 65-year-old woman who is given the chance to re-experience her youth when she's turned 20 again.


Sumi Kisaragi (Matsuzaka Keiko) has spent her life working at her family's business— a flower farm.

As a young girl she dreamed of attending a university, but had to stay behind to take care of her grandmother, who was injured in an accident, and then later her parents. Although she was happy to take care of her family and their business, her whole life has passed her by and she never even had a boyfriend! Now 65, she wishes she could go back and do it all again. Luckily for Sumi Kisaragi, she's about to her wish.

When she wakes up with the body of a 20-year-old and introduces herself as Sumire (Kiritani Mirei). What choices will she make differently?[1]


  • Kiritani Mirei as Kisaragi Sumire
  • Matsuzaka Keiko as Kisaragi Sumi
  • Oikawa Mitsuhiro as Rei

  • Machida Keita as Mashiro Yuusei
  • Mizusawa Erena as Kousaka Arisa
  • Takahashi Hitomi as Ogura Tomiko
  • Kohinata Fumiyo as Amano Souun
  • Takeuchi Ryoma as Tsujii Kento
  • Akimoto Sayaka as Yoshinogo Chiaki
  • Koike Rina as Kato Nanami
  • Kosuda Yasuto as Kurosaki Akio
  • Takasugi Mahiro as Amano Keiwa
  • Konishi Manami as Yukishiro
  • Tanigawa Risako as Ohra Rena, Arisa's friend

  • Takeda Kouhei as a club patron (Ep.2)
  • Baba Ryoma as a club patron (Ep.2)
  • Yamura Hiroki as Yoshie's grandson (Ep.4)
  • Yamada Anna as Kurihara Tomoka (Ep.7)
  • Minami Keisuke as a droup date attendee (Ep.7)
  • Aihara Mika as a Gou-kon participant

  • Soundtrack[]

    Main Article: Sumika Sumire OST


    Episode Aired Average audience share
    (Kanto Region)
    Episode 01 February 5, 2016 7.8%
    Episode 02 February 12, 2016 4.6%
    Episode 03 February 19, 2016 6.9%
    Episode 04 February 26, 2016 5.8%
    Episode 05 March 4, 2016 6.0%
    Episode 06 March 11, 2016 5.9%
    Episode 07 March 18, 2016 8.0%
    Episode 08 March 25, 2016 6.6%
    Average 6.5%


    • The drama was based on the manga of the same name by Takanashi Mitsuba.[2]


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