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The Best of You in My Mind is a 2020 Chinese drama about two childhood friends who fall in love with each other.


Lin Xi Chi (Song Yi Ren) is a college student majoring in veterinary medicine. She is well-liked and known for being bright and cheerful, although, on the inside, she is more insure than she would like to let on.

Also attending the same university is her childhood friend, avid archer, and national defence student Xu Fang (Zhang Yao). He has had a crush on Xu Fang since they were both at school but has never plucked up enough courage to let her know. Although he can be quick-tempered with others, he always treats Lin Xi Chi with great tenderness.

When she loses a bet connected to an arm-wrestling bout, Lin Xi Chi has to forfeit a month's living costs – a twist of fate that brings the two ex-school friends closer together than ever.

And one evening, their friendship is turned upside down when Xi Chi gets drunk, and long-suppressed emotions suddenly come to the fore.[1]


  • Gala Zhang as Xu Fang
  • Ireine Song as Lin Xi Chi
    • Arale Cui as Young Lin Xi Chi
  • Leslie Ma as Nie Yue
  • Guo Xin Yu as Jiang Zheng Xu

  • Qu Jing Jing as He Li Yang
  • Li Chung Lin as Ye Shao Wen
  • Chen Ze as Lin Xi Geng
  • Zhang Lei as Liu Xiao Jiang
  • Hao Wen Ting as Zheng Fang Fang
  • Fu Wei Lun as Ding Yi
  • Wang Zheng as Mrs Xu

  • Soundtrack[]

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    Episode Aired
    Episode 01 April 10, 2020
    Episode 02 April 10, 2020
    Episode 03 April 11, 2020
    Episode 04 April 13, 2020
    Episode 05 April 14, 2020
    Episode 06 April 15, 2020
    Episode 07 April 20, 2020
    Episode 08 April 21, 2020
    Episode 9 April 22, 2020
    Episode 10 April 27, 2020
    Episode 11 April 28, 2020
    Episode 12 April 29, 2020
    Episode 13 May 4, 2020
    Episode 14 May 5, 2020
    Episode 15 May 6, 2020
    Episode 16 May 11, 2020
    Episode 17 May 12, 2020
    Episode 18 May 12, 2020
    Episode 19 May 18, 2020
    Episode 20 May 19, 2020
    Episode 21 May 20, 2020
    Episode 22 May 25, 2020
    Episode 23 May 26, 2020
    Episode 24 May 27, 2020


    Filming took place in Chengdu and lasted over two months from May 16 to July 31, 2019.


    • The drama was based on the novel "Cream-Flavored Unrequited Love" ("奶油味暗恋") by Zhu Yi.


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