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Troubled Family[1][2] (also known as The Big Trouble Family / International title: The Chaotic Family) is a Philippine sitcom television series starring Directed by Ram Tolentino, Richard V. Somes and actor-singer and songwriter Justine Seavey II. It stars an ensemble cast including Empress Schuck, Justine Seavey II, Mica Javier, Luke Alford, Angeline Cruz, Christian Bables, Long Mejia and, Ronaldo Valdez. It premiered on Kapamilya Channel via Yes Weekend Saturday! evening block, A2Z, TV5 and Jeepney TV and worldwide on The Filipino Channel. The sitcom will be premiering on Christmas Eve's Day on December 24.[3][4] On March 18, 2023, concluded the most total of episodes is only 13 episodes, from tomorrow, March 19 the sitcom will be available to stream on Netflix.[5] The sitcom will be continued from the sequel but will be made into a movie already planned.

On December 7, announced from Netflix, this sitcom drama series will also premiere on March 19, 2023.[6] On March 20, 2023, Metro.Style presented the casting of 'Troubled Family' pictorial reunion with Justine Seavey II, Empress Schuck, Luke Alford, Angeline Cruz, Ronaldo Valdez and Long Mejia.


The sitcom's plot begins with a most chaotic family and is vying for attention from misfortune and wealth.

Cast and characters[]

Main cast[]

  • Empress Schuck[7][8][9] as Kacey "Mother Kacey / Crake" San Pedro-Maravilla: She Kacey is a housewife, was happy because of their wealth and became a mother to her six children with her husband suffering as a businessman. And afraid of misfortunes.
  • Justine Seavey II[10] as "Pops" / Averill Tony Maravilla: Averill, an businessman, entrepreneur, technician, and architect. He built what he would feed his family and Kacey's family, he bought a big house worth PHP47 million, and has six children. Kacey suspects Averill's Felicia of being Averill's secret affair.
  • Long Mejia as Tito Bugs: Kacey's niece, helping Averill with their businesses. Likes to joke with his family.
  • Christian Bables as Ernest Maravilla: Averill's older brother. Still studying collage as it nears completion to graduate.
  • Mica Javier as Felicia Rivera: Averill's secretary, from their business. Taking their conversation together as a matter for their relationship, his status is single from life.
  • Luke Alford as Unique San Pedro-Maravilla[11]: Kacey and Averill's children in the middle. Passionate about computer engineering and a technique-person who is very nice to his parents, and chose as a course Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.
  • Angelina Cruz as Angeline S. Pedro Maravilla: The oldest of Kacey and Averill's children.
  • Ronaldo Valdez as Lolo Sebastian B. San Pedro: Kacey San Pedro-Maravilla's grandfather.

Supporting cast[]

  • Allegra Valiente as Baby Summer San Pedro-Maravilla
  • Jordan Ford as Baby Sammy San Pedro-Maravilla
  • Kaori Oinuma as Alexandra "Tita Alex" San Pedro-Maravilla
  • Allyson McBride as Juliana Teresa San Pedro-Maravilla
  • Rans Rifol as "Katelynn" / Francesca Borja Maravilla
  • Rico J. Puno as Doc. Raul Maravilla
  • Sandy Andolong as Madam. Demesa Maravilla
  • Angelo Acosta as Antonio Contreras-Maravilla
  • Keempee de Leon as Mang Philip San Pedro
  • Aya Fernandez as San Pedro-Morada
  • Fumiya Sankai as Zake Bureiku
  • Gabbi Adeva as Darwin Bureiku
  • Yamyam Gucong as Tanggol
  • Nikki Bagaporo as Tita Belinda
  • Cris Villanueva as Captain Rosales
  • Keanna Reeves as Pelaez
  • Nonong Ballinan as Janitor
  • Mark Anthony Fernandez as Att. Diosdado

Special appearance[]

  • Joross Gamboa as Daniel dela Cruz; A friend of Averill's gave the cat Christine Kitty (ep. 1,3)
  • N/A as Christine Kitty
  • Smokey Manaloto as Baron
  • Alfred Labatos as Fred Borja
  • Alora Sasam as Nando/Belinda Villareal
  • Ivan Dorschner as Dave
  • Elisse Joson as Dave's wife
  • Bailey May as Park Hayden
  • Ylona Garcia as Park Shangchai
  • Michael Rivero as PO1. Derek Ramsay
  • Shaina Magdayao as Princess May
  • Kristel Fulgar as Mima
  • Ronwaldo Martin as Bartender
  • Lance Lucido as Kiko
  • Frenchie Dy as Francine
  • Quincy Villanueva as Sheena
  • Daniela Stranner as Drea Martina
  • Cherry Pie Picache as Nicole Santos
  • Maila Gumila as Alexander


Background and development[]

The director relished doing something similar to My Papa Pi in the new sitcom project 'Troubled Family'. And Empress Schuck is said to be cast in the sitcom along with actor Justine Seavey II. They are excited this is their second project together after the Primetime Bida teleserye Sleep with the Balcony which ends in November 18. The sitcom is also included in the last quarters of Kapamilya Channel's upcoming shows. They appeared in the sitcom series in the month of December 2022.

'Troubled Family' is set in the last quarter of the year 2022, the sitcom drama can be set on December 24, which is Christmas Eve's Day and the actor's new Primetime Bida teleserye is also scheduled for February 2023, Love at First Sight which is a remake from the original of Doom at Your Service. The sitcom is already stated as the sequel to My Papa Pi.

The cast of the sitcom family-drama has been finalized.

The sitcom is slated to begin in December 2022. And the sitcom's plot begins with a most chaotic family and is vying for attention from misfortune and wealth.


On November 17, 2022, first come out to iWantTFC on December 23 every Friday.

On November 29, 2022, It announced airing only one day on Saturday via Kapamilya Channel schedule.

On December 5, 2022, the release of the Netflix announcement that the sitcom drama series Troubled Family was released was announced again, released on March 19, the sitcom was finalized on March 18.

On March 19, 2023, Troubled Family premieres on Netflix starting today.


Filming began at the end of October. The sitcom wrapped in Christmas's Day.


Shows the cast of 'Troubled Family' Empress Schuck and Justine Seavey II join as the parents of their family and also as the main characters, and also cast Angelina Cruz, Allegra Valiente, Jordan Ford, Kaori Oinuma, Luke Alford, Fumiya Sankai, Yamyam Gucong, Gabbi Adeva, Long Mejia, Allyson McBride, Christian Bables, Rans Rifol, Nikki Bagaporo, Rico J. Puno, Sandy Andolong, Mica Javier, Keempee de Leon, Cris Villanueva, Angelo Acosta, Keanna Reeves, Aya Fernandez, Nonong Ballinan, Mark Anthony Fernandez and Ronaldo Valdez.

Ronaldo Valdez originally entered the sitcom drama for his role as "Grandpa Hugo" in the series 2 Good 2 Be True.

Some of the cast includes, Luke Alford, Angeline Cruz, Kaori Oinuma, Jordan Ford, Allegra Valiente and other supporting casts in the sitcom drama.

Possible sequel[]

From its sequel to Troubled Family, fans from different locations and countries have been rumored to be in the sequel but the actor will not star in its second season. Alden Richards is also ready to be the main character from Season 2 of Troubled Family, according to GMA News.


As for the actors who participated from the sitcom drama Troubled Family, the Kapamilya Channel is focused on new shows, teleseryes and offerings for the new year, and the sitcom consists of a total of 13 episodes for its finale. on March 18. And it is also a presequel to Banana Sundae, Home Sweetie Home, and the latest sitcom My Papa Pi starring Piolo Pascual, Pepe Herrera and Pia Wurtzbach. The story is also based and inspired from the sitcom story from Home Sweetie Home and Troubled Family will continue one of the sitcoms that are still alive in teleseryes from ABS-CBN.

It also marked the actor's first sitcom drama series Justine Seavey II and as his on-screen partner in his own Primetime teleserye Sleep with the Balcony Empress Schuck.


Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 13 December 24, 2022 March 18, 2023
No.overall No. in


Title Original air date AGB Nielsen Ratings

(NUTAM People)

1 1 "Rich Stings" December 24, 2022 13.8%
The Maravilla and San Pedro families lived in the home of a large family: In the beginning Averill started flirting with Kacey from not wanting to get out of bed and an unfortunate arrival cat that Angeline brought from her calling Christine Kitty: Unique destroys her homework from anger and gets up on her own and sees Christine Kitty that her sister takes care of Angeline brings an unlucky cat to Averill telling Angeline that running away from the cat is unlucky for the whole family in they do everything: ma'am Demesa talked to her famous grandfather, Lolo Sebastian, for their conversation that was a wise idea to fix their family's worries: Baby Sammy and Baby Summer spread and cried loudly when calling their parents, Kacey and Averill, who they want to hug and bond with for their support and help their children, Sammy and Summer, to speak.

Additional cast: Joross Gamboa

2 2 "Wealth Withholding" December 31, 2022 15.3%
Kacey asked her husband Averill and her children to take a family vacation: Christine Kitty was again given from the disapproval of her parents from putting a mask on the whole house by giving Daniel for the situation that he was worried about not being with Angeline: Sammy and Summer suddenly started crying when they went to meet them in the forest that they were afraid of for running away from nothing: Raul and Demesa were abandoned by their husband and wife for not allowing their children to fight for Averill and Kacey going with young people to a dangerous place: Felicia calls Averill for a checkup to check that she's not at school and ends the news about Kacey being jealous of Averill's husband.

Additional cast: Smokey Manaloto, Alfred Labatos, Alora Sasam, Ivan Dorschner, Elisse Joson

3 3 "Face Value for Money" January 7, 2023 19.8%
At the request of Kacey and Averill, in order to find something to eat during the trip, Unique, Angeline, Alexandra to look after Baby Summer and Sammy: Francesca calls Averill at the gas station complaining about her and scolding her for her selfishness that Kacey put off calling the kids so as not to leave Summer and Sammy alone: Tito Bugs took the bait for joking with Averill about his future new phase of wooing his wife Kacey, for Felicia that she was the one who made Averill go wild: Daniel made excuses to Kacey for teasing the cat Christine Kitty and will give it to someone else to take care of because of the distance of bad luck from him and give it to someone he knows to be infected with the bad luck that Averill wants so that Daniel's life can be changed because of Angeline's choice of an unlucky cat: Fred recognizes Averill for the test that he gave him a new life sentence - only for Averill to be killed in his plan.

Additional cast: Bailey May, Ylona Garcia, Michael Rivero, Shaina Magdayao, Kristel Fulgar

4 4 "Mountaineering Problem" January 14, 2023 12.0%
In Kacey's jealousy of Averill who is Felicia's type in her group as her plea for wooing her wife: Unique blames his drone for going too far and not catching up and quickly draining the battery: Averill asks her children to sleep for her wooing of their mother, Kacey, for losing her appetite because of her jealousy for Felicia: Averill talks to Kacey in depth about him Kacey is his only woman for his life in front of a beautiful mountain view for their vacation: After ten days, they left the mountains again to go home to their house, which is the middle of their house, every family is fighting because of concern for Averill and Kacey with the children.

Additional cast: Ronwaldo Martin, Lance Lucido, Frenchie Dy

5 5 "Strictness on Businesses" January 21, 2023 37.2%
Felicia apologizes to Averill regarding her lack of desire to talk to Kacey's jealousy for her type only: Mrs. Santos tightened the policy for Averill's company as a company president for his regard for Averill: Kacey called Averill for cooking a dish for her that was her favorite dish, kare-kare when Averill came home from the company: Juliana is straight to the boys who are flirting with her at school with her parents' permission, especially since her father is strict with Averill forbidding her to have a boyfriend: Averill and Kacey fix the mess of every family as Raul works at the hospital when he gets hot headed to raise the bill from the hospital.

Additional cast: Quincy Villanueva, Daniela Stranner, Cherry Pie Picache, Maila Gumila

6 6 "Give the Troublemaker Over My Dead Body" January 28, 2023 38.4%

Additional cast: N/A

7 7 "Treat the Right Time for the Wife" February 4, 2023 31.8%

Additional cast: N/A

8 8 "The Jealousy of Averill" February 11, 2023 41.3%

Additional cast: N/A

9 9 "Kacey Meets His Childhood Partner" February 18, 2023 37.5%

Additional cast: N/A

10 10 "Do I Wanna Know?" February 25, 2023 34.5%

Additional cast: N/A

11 11 "Let's Fool A Strict Party" March 4, 2023 38.9%

Additional cast: N/A

12 12 "Angelina's 18th Birthday Debut" March 11, 2023 27.6%

Additional cast: N/A

13 13 "Ang Masayang Pagkakasama: The Finale" March 18, 2023 40.3%

Additional cast: N/A

  • iWantTFC shows one episode first in advance before its television broadcast.

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