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When Shui Met Mo: A Love Story is a 2019 Chinese drama about the son of a tea merchant falling for a tea harvester.


A beautiful yet heart-wrenching tale follows the romance between the son of the number one tea merchant in Jiangnan and a tea harvest girl.

Cheng Jing Mo (Feng Li Jun) is the only son and successor of an established tea business. He is a carefree child who has a passion for the arts. Ruan Qiu Shui (Lu Xiao Yu) is incredibly skilled with numbers. She is a tenacious girl who takes on the burdens of her father's debt and cares for their family. As the two meet, Shui and Mo lives become so intertwine just like water that has been mixed with ink.[1]


  • Feng Li Jun as Cheng Jing Mo
  • Lu Xiao Yu as Qiu Shui
  • Nikki Chen as Ma Wan Ru
  • Leo Li as Cheng Dong Ning
  • Bayalag Bai as Zhang Zi Yong

  • Sun Yi Fan as Chen Dong Xu
  • Wang Yi Xuan as Yan Qing
  • Chake Lau as Liu Shao Kun

  • Osmond Zheng

  • Soundtrack

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    Filming began on April 9, 2019, in Hengdian World Studios.