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Why R U?: The Series is a 2020 Thai drama about two couples that find together despite being opposites.


Tutor is said to be 'wise' beyond his age and acts rationally, while Fighter is the emotional kind. They started having some animosity with each other but developed a close relationship right after. Saifah is a popular musician and is often engaged in mischief while Zon is shy yet stubborn. He is also a sci-fi writer.[1]


  • Park Parnupat Anomakiti as Japan
  • Seng Wichai Saefant as Tanthai
  • Max Saran Rujeerattanavorapan as Dew
  • Nat Natasitt Uareksit as Blue
  • Toy Thanapat Thanachakulphisan as Zen
  • Pangpond Akalavut Mankalasut as Day
  • Graphic Ratchawit Chanrunganan as Tem
  • Mark Sorntast Buangam as Champ
  • Tonnam Piamchol Dumrongsoontornchai as Nathee
  • Poppy Ratchapong Anomakiti as Junior
  • Janistar Phomphadungcheep as HwaHwa
  • Goy Arachaporn Pokinpakorn as Soda
  • Perth Veerinsara Tangkitsuvanich as Sol

  • Soundtrack

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    Mew Suppasit and Gulf Kanawat make a special appearance as Tharn and Type respectively from their series Tharntype.