"Wanna flirt with me, ok! But you should take a look at yourself to make sure whether you are good enough or not."
Yihwa is a female lead character from Thai dramas Bad Romance and Together With Me portrayed by Thai-Chinese actress Maengmum Pimnitchakun Bumrungkit.

Biography Edit

Personal life Edit

Yihwa is a beautiful single university student majoring in architecture. She believes that she doesn’t need boys in her life because she can survive without them, and thinks that boys are like iPhones aka just for decorative purposes.

She has 3 best friends; Being, Dewey and Fai. She hangs out with them all the time in university and during free-time. Yihwa is also a very dear friend of Korn, who she has helped come out of the closet and helped establish a relationship with Knock, Korn's best friend. Korn and Knock gave Yihwa the nickname "Mother-in-law", because she is just like a worried, naggy mom to the two boys.

Much is not known about Yihwa's parents or family background. But we can assume that she comes from a wealthy background, since she often wears brand handbags and fashionable outfits.

Meeting Cho Edit

One day when Yihwa goes to the condominium unit of her best friend, Korn, who is celebrating his anniversary with his partner Knock, she meets Korn’s friend, Cho, who falls in love with Yihwa at first sight.

But Yihwa does not feel the same way, instead, she thinks that Cho is gay and he wants to have a relationship with Knock. After that day, Cho starts to pursue Yihwa, however he has a hard time trying to please her and experiences many ups-and-downs before he becomes close to her.

Characteristics Edit

Physical appearance Edit

Yihwa is really into fashion and wants to look her best at all times, so her style changes a lot throughout the series.

She is a 1st year university student in Together With Me and a 2nd year student in Bad Romance.

In Bad Romance Yihwa has shoulder length dark brown curled hair paired with brown eyes and long lashes, while in Together With Me she has long wavy blonde hair, which later in the series changes to brown.

Yihwa often wears her university uniform, which consists of a plain white collar shirt and a black skirt (either long or short) usually paired with killer heels.

Her makeup tends to be quite bold. She loves to wear red lipstick, black eyeliner, bronzer, blush and some beige, light brown eyeshadow. In the night-time she goes for a more darker lip color.

She also loves accessories, she always wears a gold ring on her left hand middle finger as well as a black-gold watch. We can also spot her rocking red nails all the time.

Personality Edit

Although Yihwa is very cute and petite, she is also very sassy and can be quite evil. She had a major change in her personality during high school when she found out through security cameras that her "best friend", Mydear was sabotaging her after Mydear found out that her crush, France likes Yihwa instead of her. As a result, Yihwa poured soup on Mydear's head and slapped her face twice as well as kicked her in the face so badly that Mydear had to get a nosejob.

On the other hand, if you are one of her best friends, she will be like an angel to you. Yihwa has a heart of gold and she is very loyal.

Abilities Edit

Yihwa has proven to be quite strong, she has already beaten up Mydear and Tanguy as well as some creeps who have tried to grope her.

Yihwa can also dance, she won the couple dance competition with James (The prize was stickers for the right to park in every faculty in the school).

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