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Pruk Panich (พฤกษ์ พานิช, born September 10, 1992), nicknamed Zee, is a Thai actor.

Early life and education



Television series

Year Title Role
2018 Friend Zone Captain
2020 Why R U?: The Series Fighter
You Never Eat Alone Mix
2021 Mae Krua Kon Mau Atsawin
2022 Cheating Spouse Jaegun
Cutie Pie Lian Kilen Wang
Remember 15 Bew
Rose in Da house Himself

Music videos

Year Title Artist
"Empty Embrace" Rose Srintip & Pete Peera

TV Show

Year Title Role
2016 I can see your voice: Season 1, Ep. 16 See-cret singer
2017 Watching it in Shoryudo Main Host
2018 Watching it in Japan: Season 2 Main Host
Watching it in Japan: Season 3 Main Host
2019 Kissboys Regular Member
Why R U Going? Main Host
Watching it in Sendai Main Host
2020 SosatSeoulsay Guest
Watching it in Japan: Season 4 Main Host
Vlog ZeeNunew Main Host


Year Title Role
2016 Joking Jazz 4G Policeman
2018 Sugar Cafe Popeye


Year Title Role
2019 Truth or Dare Tan
2020 Why R U? Special Fighter
Behind Why R U Fighter
HOW R U MOM? Detective Zee


  • His family consists of his parents and two sisters.
  • He is member of DomundiTV.
  • He was a model at Elle fashion week 2018.
  • His shoe size is 42.
  • His favorite colors are white and black.
  • His hobbies include taking photos and spending time at cafés.
  • His favorite musicians are The Weeknd and Post Malone but he likes most music.
  • His favorite movie is The Lord of the Rings and his favorite movie genres are fantasy, horror, and adventure, although he watches most genres.
  • His favorite dish is stir-fried pork with shrimp paste and stir-fried melinjo leaves with egg.
  • He hates dishes that are made with guts and offal.
  • His favorite drink is coconut smoothies.
  • His favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip.
  • His favorite fragrances are Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Profumo and Burberry Brit Rhythm for Men.
  • He thinks his sexiest body part is his eyes, since people always tell them they are sweet.
  • He likes dressing plainly in just a t-shirt, trousers, and a pair of sneakers.
  • He doesn't have a favorite clothing brand. He just wears whatever fits his style.
  • Zee's real name, Pruk, means "trees". He was named that because his father has a green thumb and likes to plant plants everywhere, to the point where he sometimes felt like he lived in a forest.
  • The most embarrassing moment was when he was young and played basketball on the 6th floor. Unfortunately, he had diarrhea that day and the toilet on that floor was closed. The next toilet was on the first floor and he didn't make it in time.
  • When he was young, he wanted to be a model or do something with fashion since he thought it was cool. Now he wants to own his own bar and restaurant.
  • He says his best angle is from his left side and 45 degree angle.
  • He wouldn't mind starring in a BL series with any of his fellow Domundi members but he feels like he'd have trouble not laughing if he was shipped with them.
  • If he had to describe himself in a few words, he would describe himself as a "sweet eye boy".
  • He doesn't like liars.
  • If he was a girl, he would date Joss out of all Domundi members.
  • With New Chawarin, He official announcement fandom ZeeNunew is 'ZonZon'.